Statement of Reason

Currently fed govt employee received SOR. If denied, will I terminate? I am 30% vet preference and veteran w/20 yrs govt service.

If your position requires a clearance, how can you stay in that position if they deny your clearance?

You need to act quickly and take this very seriously. Without knowing what it in the SOR, what guidelines they believe that you have violated, it’s difficult to give good advice or determine what your chances are.

In this case, the first piece of advice I would give you is to get a consult with a qualified clearance attorney. If you want advice here, we will have to know more of the story.

That’s ridiculous! Your a disabled veteran and have been doing the job for 20 years? It should be a law that states any disabled veteran with this much time in service should be employed for life. Seek help from the DAV and a qualified clearance attorney. It will take years for this process to unfold. Extremely doubtful that you will lose your job during this. What is in the SOR?

Once my attorney submits the SOR, how long will it take to hear something?

There is no standard timeline. A coworker of mine waited 6 months from submission of the appeal for the SOR to be granted his clearance.

I’m curious to know how you received the letter. Was it emailed or mailed?

what is in the SOR? We cannot advise, your attorney should have this information.

Im curious to the reason for SOR. I am also a disabled vet going through recert and worried about my PTSD rating causing me issues

If the SOR is denied, do you have a DOHA hearing and how soon? Do my employer continue to employ me until the hearing is over?

you still have not informed us of the particulars.

You will not be discriminated against for having a PTSD diagnosis.

My attorney requested an extension to submit SOR, will DoD CAF grant it?

Just ask your attorney these questions.

I received a SOR as well. They’re emailed nowadays. And although the packet says to mail in your response, that is submitted via email as well.

As long as it was requested within the initial 20 days from receiving the SOR then yes they will grant an extension as long as it is a reasonable extension.