Decision timeline after SOR rebuttal

Will anyone care to share how long it took for DoD/CAF to make a decision after you responded to a SOR?

I understand it probably depends on the magnitude of the SOR, but generally speaking, what are folks seeing?

Some may respond but I recommend looking at the following:

A lot of the cases mention when the SoR response was sent and when something came back. HOWEVER, these ended up going to a judge for adjudication. I know a few people on here who submitted SoRs and kept their clearance.

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They responded to mine in about 40 days. It’s doubtful that you will receive a positive outcome from your response. Most likely, they will still deny your clearance and you will need to appeal that decision.

Ed, thanks for your response, but how could you state that? A major portion of the SOR had inaccurate information that my response effectively refuted.

If it’s in the SOR, they don’t think that inaccurate. I’m not telling you what’s right or wrong, I’m telling you what I’ve seen. Maybe you will be the exception.

If you read the paperwork included with the SOR, they aren’t really looking for you to refute information at that point. They are looking for you to admit or deny each item. I think that’s all they look for. In a criminal case, the SOR would be the indictment and your response the plea. Then the hearing is the trial. It just seems like you can’t convince them with your response.

Ed, I am the exception! I was favorable adjudicated last week!

Status update: I finally received my FOIA requested background investigation a few weeks ago(after five months from the original request!). There were many errors in a couple of the interviews; which explained the reason for the SOR. While I was hurrying to submit an addendum to my SOR response (i.e. collecting written statements from the individuals that were misquoted), I was favorable adjudicated. Apparently, my original response was enough for a positive outcome.


Very happy to hear it!


I had a coworker wait 6 months and it was favorably adjudicated. I submitted my appeal a month ago so I will keep you updated on my timeline!

MJ, congrats! Few questions:

Did you submit your FOIA request before you received your SOR?

Was that based on a hunch?

How long after you received your SOR did you receive your FOIA package?