SOR timeline (how long does it take to recieve)

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How long do SOR take to receive after an investigation closes?

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Recent one I saw was just under 2 months. It had 2 guidelines. I believe it depends on the complexity since the adjudicator has to write up all their concerns and review the investigation

My understanding is up to 60 days after notification of the denial.

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I thought the SOR was the denial. I guess i mean the denial notification then.

Normally, as the FSO/SM I will know a person has been denied. I normally notify the applicant and inform them an SOR follow within 60 days. SOmetimes the employee is already cleared Secret and in for the upgrade. At their debriefing meeting/escorting off compound I inform them of same.

Thank for response.

How long will it take for FSO to find out usually?

My investigation closed Oct 29, 2019 But that may be too early to know anything.

Not unusual to sit in Adjudication for 6 to 7 months currently. So it could easily take until April or May.

So i wouldn’t know anything until adjudication is done?

This would be a DODCAF adjudication for a PR but i also had an investigation for the IC that went much smoother.

Two different systems, offices and staffs. Short answer: yes you wait for adjudication. That is where they review the BI, Poly if you required one, and all other info to see if you are deemed trustworthy. So until they make that decision…no clearance.

Hi, sorry to pop in here. Am I reading this correctly that, upon notification that a SOR will be issued, the personnel is removed/ escorted off premise? I thought there was some due process, i.e. response to the SOR was permitted before a removal action. Maybe it depends on the position.

Depends on position and command/supervisor or security officer. A SOR just means they intend to deny, that said your clearance could be suspended by your command or security officer in which case you could possibly be escorted off of it’s a open storage or SCIF. Its a situational thing.