How long until I get my SOR?

I recently, 1-2 months, filed my e-quip for secret security clearance for a contingent job offer with a government contractor. This week I was contacted by the HR person for the company in question and they told me that I had been given a “no clearance decision” and that the offer was rescinded. They also provided me with an email address for further inquiries, which when I emailed replied that I had the wrong department and sent me to an article on the website. That article also dead ended with them telling me to contact the HR/security person from the sponsoring company.

This was all 2 days ago and after some searching I read about SORs but I haven’t received one. I am a little panicked here so does anyone know when I will receive my official SOR? Is there a resource I can contact to see status on my application? The HR person has been less than helpful with followup questions.

Not surprising. Especially when HR is trying to explain security stuff.

No clearance decision does not sound like a clearance denial. This maybe an internal matter.

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As far as I know, if it is not a denial you will not get an SOR. It sounds like the agency only rescinded the offer and did not deny your clearance. It sucks but I promise you it is MUCH better than a denial for future applications.

@crowfather if you feel comfortable sharing, do you have any idea what you could have been denied for?

I still think it is a denial as this was the direct quote from the email, 'I wanted to let you know we received a no clearance decision, which means they are no granting you a Secret clearance."

I don’t mind at all. This is my first foray into the clearance area so forgive me if I don’t know any acronyms but I have done weed like 5 times ever. The only other thing that might be flagged is my international travel for my last job. I spent 6 months in Japan, 2 months in Dubai, and 1 month in Saudi Arabia.

Did they take your fingerprints?
Did you sign and certify your SF86?
Do you know if they sent the paperwork through?

If so, it could be that you were not granted an interim clearance, and they didn’t want to wait until the full completion of the clearance process.

Yes to fingerprints and SF86(It was through e-quip). I don’t know if they didn’t sent the fingerprints as those were sent to the company, but i don’t have reason to believe that they didn’t.

Is there a way to know about the interim clearance or to just check my status at all? This feels very esoteric, and rightly so, but it seems excessive.

You know as I read this whole thread, I wonder if what really happened is the government decided not to grant you an INTERIM, and the employer decided to bail. Wouldnt be the first time.

The reason I say this is that you say you only submitted the forms 1-2 months ago, and that is way too fast for a final decision. However, it is about the timeline to learn you would not be granted in interim. Assuming this is correct, I suspect it was the travel to the Middle East and not the weed that would have caused them not to grant an interim.

And as somebody noted, this is NOT a clearance denial.

Would my sponsor company know this? How can I go about finding if it’s the case?

Also if it is the case that interim was denied, does my application still go through even though the job offer isn’t there? Would I have to restart the application if I got another job offer?

Thanks for all the useful info everybody

The company is supposed to report you are no longer employed, therefore no longer need the investigation. The investigation stops.

Ok. I think I’m email the company Monday and ask more targeted questions to hopefully get some answers.