The time it takes to receive SOR and/or LOI after revocation or rescission of security clearance?

I am a federal contractor and lost my clearance in March 2018 from DSS.
How long does it take to receive Statement of Reasons (SOR) and or Letter of Intent (LOI), after the clearance is revoked or rescinded?

Mine took 2 years to get an SOR for financial. Really depends on your case.

The answer is unclear. Two years from initial submission of SF-86? or, two years from revocation or rescission of already granted clearance?

How do you know you will receive an SOR? You said you had your interim TS withdrawn, but also your Full Secret too. Did you receive or discover a reason? How long did you have your interim?

Either way, based on current trends, maybe wait a few months.

Mine was from an sf86 from 11/2016 and got my SOR 10/2017.

Since my full secret is rescinded so I am hoping to receive SOR from Government. I have not heard or discovered anything regarding the reasons for rescission. I was having Interim top secret for almost 2 years.

Wow, that’s a long time! That’s rough. I have heard some other people have experienced something similar recently, but no other info. Did you have any issues on your SF86? Are you naturalized citizen? Any foreign contacts? Financials? Etc.

Hopefully your company has some work for you so you can wait.

Are you replying back to me on my post? If so it was all Financial stuff on my past that I couldn’t pay it off at the time. Now I am. Nothing on my SF86 popped up except for that for finances.

Finances is one of the top reasons for clearance denials. Getting behind on your debts is a big thing with security clearances.

I was replying to @wullah but your case was also very long!

I turned in my SOR package 10/2017 and heard nothing back… Do they want more proof in the future or am I just denied at this point?