Statement Of Reasons (SOR) Timeline

Has anyone received a favorable decision to a written response for a Statement of Reasons? How long did it take after you submitted the SOR? Thanks for any insight on this topic.

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Mine took two months


And your SOR response was sufficient? Did you receive another package with evidence or your SOR response was the only correspondence required?

Anyone else with a SOR timeline?

It depends on the agency. At CIA it can take a year or more. At DOD CAF it depends on the Division. Division C, which includes Navy and the agencies that are under WHS, has been the fastest at about 60 to 90 days, but recently I’ve had one stuck there for more than 90 days. DOHA takes about 60 to 120 days, but SOR responses on collateral DOD contractor cases usually get referred to a DOHA judge rather having the SOR withdrawn by the DOHA Chief Department Counsel.


Thank you. That is some good information that I was looking for.

I have 2 LOIs from 2016, in which I responded to both in the allotted amount of time. The last update I had was from December 2016: “At a higher level review”.

Still no word yet. My JPAS still says: “Pending response from LOI/SOR”…

I have no idea why. I check with my security manager every few weeks for an update… but nothing yet.

Does anyone know if this is a good/bad thing? Is this the usual timeline?

I’m not sure the exact process following a SOR/LOI, is there supposed to be a hearing? From reading case files sometimes it takes 6 months to a year for that hearing to be setup.

You can request a hearing with DOHA if DODCAF actually revokes your clearance, once they’ve made the decisions from the initial LOI(s)/SOR(s), and your responses to those.

I’m still waiting on the a yay or nay from DODCAF after submitting my response to my LOI(s) last July… then I can go the hearing route through DODCAF (if they actually revoke my clearance), if I wanted to.

Oh ok, I understand now. Can’t believe it is taking that long to hear something after your response. That must be agonizing!

It would be a relief just to know a determination, good or bad at this point… good luck to you!

Yes exactly, this is a painful process. I actually just was contacted by the Adjudicator from DOHA that is reviewing my SOR. They are asking for payment info from my accounts, so hopefully i can get this resolved. Good luck to you as well sir.

I just wanted to pass along to anyone following, I got my clearance yesterday! I filled out a statement of reasons, and requested a decision based on the written record. I had a very detailed response with a letter of recommendation and they removed the SOR and granted my clearance. 24 months from the day i submitted my E-qip. All praise goes to God, he kept me focused and on the right track. Good luck to you all!


Thanks for updating us!

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Happy Sunday!! How long did it take after you sent your response to an SOR. Thanks.

Once I submitted my written response, i was contacted by an adjudicator 2 and half weeks later. Worked with the adjudicator for a week, submitting extra documents showing I was taking care of financial debt. Clearance was granted 4 weeks after SOR received.

Thank you for replying quickly. I have been waiting 6 weeks. I hope its not a case of the longer it takes the worse it is.

You have already submitted your written response and its been 6 weeks? Did you request a decision based on the written record or request a hearing?

Based on written records. I had debt listed on my SOR. I admitted to it and said there were no excuses. I paid all of the debt off except for student loan which I am currently in forbearance from May to January 2018. I also stated I was living beyond my means and I had put myself on a budget now and currently have savings due to my budget. I provided copies of all the receipts as well as bank transactions for every debt I paid.

That’s exactly what I did. Your situation doesn’t seem much different from mine. Hopefully they will go ahead and approve you soon, keep us updated.