Timeframe on final decision after sending SOR Response

How long does it usually take to get final decision after sending SOR Respond

Depends on who it is from. There are guidelines for each agency. For the DoD it is 60 days. I did a written response and had my clearance reinstated by the 58th day.

Yea it was sent to DOD CAF

DoD Manual 5200.02

Section 10.4

A, section 4

© The central adjudication facilities will provide the written LOD or LOR as promptly as individual circumstances permit but no more than 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of the individual’s reply to the SOR and LOI, provided no additional information is deemed necessary to render the national security eligibility determination.

You should receive some type of information before 60 calendar days. It will be a LOD, favorable adjudication or RFI.

Mine was favorably adjudicated without notice. I had my security manager check JPAS every Friday and it was favorably adjudicated on the 58th day as the 60th day fell on a Sunday.

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I’m coming up on day 63 since I turn in my response to the SOR still haven’t heard anything is it anyone I can reach out about it?

Did you ever heard back ? Did you get your clearance re-instated?

There’s got to be a subsequent paragraph that outlines certain rare exceptions… like maybe about four dozen… where they don’t have to meet the 60 days.

Although the other posts in this thread indicate they do try to meet that 60 day timeline.

Never heard back it stays pending reply SOR it’s been a year

You might want to talk with a lawyer (just my advice). The government is obligated I believe to respond in a timely manner. Are you still working in a cleared environment while you wait for your SOR respond from the government?

The reason I ask is I am expecting a SOR (but my clearance is currently in pre-adjudication) due to my financial situation (but its been in the process of cleaning up over the last 2 years).

I got fired from my civilian job but I’m still in the reserves