Question on past cash employments


I submitted my SF-86 and I am granted interim SECRET (contractor of NACLC) clearance and currently under investigation.

back in couple years, I had few cash jobs that I was compensated with cash. ( no tax filing from employer that tax is not an issue)

The question is, I listed all these cash jobs since it asked to list all employments that will these cash jobs be an issue to get a final SECRET clearance?

My concern is that these would not be shown in my credit report that how are these jobs verified?

Please share your thought or expertise on it. thank you.

If you listed them on the FS86 then you would also have listed the supervisor or manager contact information who will get the questionnaire for the investigation. If your work was less than 90 days they won’t expend time/effort in running checks.

Hello, I listed former employer’s phone number and actual business location address but what I know is that he sold the business and is no longer at the location I listed. Will investigator contact by calling or what is the questionnaire sent to former employer?

It also depends on the type of investigation being conducted. There may be an in person attempt at the old business location to try and locate the previous business owner. It would be the investigators job to try and locate the business owner to verify employment.