BI Question-Current Employer Won't Provide Information

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone can shine some light for me on a situation:
-My current supervisor was contacted by my BI this morning (I had listed a few higher ups for him to contact since I am a split shift), she advised him that she could not answer any questions about me and he would have to contact HR.
-Earlier this week, he already contacted HR, with whom he sent a form to, and also advised him they could really only verify the basics and could not mention anything about any write ups or issues (of which I have none) even though I advised her that I already gave authorization and filled out a form (which she has)

So my question is, what does the BI do in this situation? I talked to two team leads of mine, who said they are more than willing to talk to him if he should contact them. But what if he doesn’t? Should I maybe contact him and let him know these two shift leads are willing to speak with him?
I am in the process of trying to obtain a TS clearance if that helps

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

This happens . . . Companies are afraid to give any information about employees because of the fear of being sued over privacy or damages if you don’t get the job. “Name, rank and serial number” is all that they want to give out.

Your investigator will either get what he needs, get it elsewhere or ask you for other contacts. It is understood that you can’t make your supervisor talk to the investigator.

Thank you very much!!!