BI And Speaking To Direct Supervisor

So, my BI is supposed to meet with my manager tomorrow. Thing is… I think he got fired today. My department head let him go I think (haven’t confirmed yet) … I haven’t heard from my manager since his meeting with the department head this morning. When the meeting was over, he came over to my office and told me he wasn’t feeling well and that he is going home for the day. But the vibe is he got the ax. HR and personnel heads both came in to speak to the department head after the meeting. My manager also told his admin via text he will be in Monday but IDK if that is to pack his stuff or if he will be back to work and only got written up.

So, at the minimum, he won’t be in the office tomorrow for my BI to meet with him. If he got fired, then he never will be here to interview with the BI. Should I reach out to my BI today to let her know what I “think” happened? The investigator is still coming to my place of employment tomorrow because I have 2 other references they need to interview.

So, I guess my question is what happens if they can’t reach my manager any longer. HR during my subject interview did provide them with the information the investigator requested but the entire investigation could be in jeopardy now without an interview with my direct manager? Man, if it’s not one thing it’s another.

So, is my investigation going to be put on hold or what? Everyone else will have been contacted but my direct manager. Also, if they want to speak to someone else, I am not too keen on that. My department head is on a rampage and I DEF don’t want to walk into his office and say “Hey I know you just let go of my manager but do you mind doing a quick interview with my BI” No way not right now. Things are too crazy. Any thoughts or advice will be awesome.

Your investigation doesn’t hinge on an interview with your manager. It’s only one part and, honestly, I don’t think that my current manager was interviewed either time that I went through the process. I imagine that someone from HR could fill the slot and explain the situation but I wouldn’t worry all that much about it. Things happen and this was out of your control.

Well I found out he isnt fired You know how office gossip goes). Just to preface my manager and I are close and I consider him a friend. Anyhow but he wont be back until Monday. I will reach out to my BI to let them know what is going on. Not sure how I should word it. I dont want her to be like “Oh I will just contact him Monday” Im sure he wont want to speak to her after all this went down that soon.

Ed thanks for this post and all your other post. It has really educated me on this CRAZY process. I think I will wait until the BI gets here friday to let her know because if she contacts my manager between now and friday I’d rather leave it up to him to decide what to tell the BI as to what happened.

I share with my wife this entire process and she thinks its crazy they come to your job, she also assumed they would interview her but they wont . She thought that was weird. I told her to get used to it she is in Phase 1 for a 3 letter Special Agent position right now and could be going thru the same thing in a few months. Crazy time for us right now!

Ed do you think I should tell the BI my manager wont be available today and on a high level what happened or just wait until tomorrow when the investigator gets here?

I guess that depends on how far the investigator is traveling to your site. If it’s not far, I would just tell them when they arrive. They are interviewing you and two others anyway. If the investigator is traveling a distance, I would let them know since they might want to reschedule when everyone will be there.

I usually say that there is a reason for any of the things that we think are crazy in this process. We don’t always see but it’s always there.

The investigator is local. They also interviewed me I am done. They just need my boss and 2 references. Thing is I know my boss will be in monday but IDK when he will be able to or even will want to interview seeing he almost got canned.

He did text me and let me know he wouldn’t be here tomorrow to interview, he didn’t have to do that. But I dont want to be insensitive and ask “Hey any idea when you can meet with them?” A little too soon for that.

If you have already done your interview, then your part is done. The investigator will do their job and you don’t need to be involved anymore.

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You shouldn’t worry too much about it, the investigator will only make a certain number of attempts to obtain an interview with the supervisor, if they can’t, then they can’t, no big deal and not your fault.

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What others have said. Step back. If the Investigator needs to talk to your boss, they will figure it out.

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And we don’t routinely interview spouses or family members. Go figure that they might be not be the best sources.

Former spouses on the other hand…


Thanks guys. Ill step back let the system take care of itself. Thanks for your input.

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