Follow-up interview near end of process

Posted in another thread but didn’t receive any comments. Hoping someone in the know might see a dedicated thread.

I started BI last summer and completed two polys in November. Prior to that everything, including BI was very fast. Nothing since the polys until last week when I received a call to schedule a follow-up interview. Was told this is usually a good thing as they are nearing a decision. He told me the follow up interview is a half day and purpose is to discuss my paperwork that has already been submitted.
Does anyone know what the purpose of this meeting is and what I should do to prepare? Is this a potential tense meeting like the poly or something much more relaxed?

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I’m not sure how anyone here can you more about what the meeting is for than what you were told.

Just remember . . . Keep your guard up. The meeting is not likely to be as intense as the poly but it’s not the interviewer’s job to help you through the process. If you get too relaxed you may end up providing them with another avenue of investigation to pursue.

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Keep in mind this is usually to gain understanding why a particular question caused unease. It wasn’t enough to consider the poly results as “failed.” They don’t use that term but it fits for this discussion. If it is explainable, it is understandable. In many of these situations I advise my employees as Ed did “You are in best position to understand the topic in question.” If it is for finances, and you caught up, bring that documentation. In several cases the employee told me “that was EXACTLY” what they were looking for. And they clear a day or three later. Now if you confess to a felony murder outside of 10 years and think that will be okay…not so much. That is different than knowing one drove drunk many times and led a life of high risk before cleaning up their act and being nervous regarding drinking issues. You can and should clear the air in explain that as what it was…foolish behavior and you didn’t want that held against you in the present scope of the question. If it is explainable…and makes solid sense…they will write it up in that manner. I had a double Poly, followed by a phone call interview to clarify an issue. And for the record yes my stress was through the roof. They never get easier. And every 5 years grates on you.


I have had a few employees return for a few follow ups. You are likely on track for the subject and cleared up 95% of it in the first interview. When they typed it up for their supervisor there was a question or angle or two left unexplored. If you need own something, do it. An expression of remorse for handling something wrong can go a long way as well as saying you understand the action taken and will never put yourself in it again. I too had spurious accusation made against me by a rotten person. Because of my position I was actually suspended 3 days pending investigation and was mortified…but it was unsubstantiated. And that person eventually was removed from their position. It stung…bad. Loss of face etc. But I was proved right over time. Point being, things happen. How we bounce back and recover counts.

I was re-poly’d 3 times for completely crap reasons. “Well, you popped a little high on some of the questions but you did pass.” If I popped high but passed, I PASSED. I started mentioning things that DID not have anything to do with the questions that I was asked and then passed. So that was held against me even though I didn’t do anything wrong (just my neurotic behavior and constant paranoia). I took another poly 5 years later and passed no issue. A lot of it comes down to the type of exam and the experience of the person giving it.

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I too have “rode the lightening” 4 times over 8 years. You are correct hey are horrible. Let me put your mind at unease, they do not become better if you already have the job. Because you lose the clearance and income if they arbitrarily feel you were deceptive. I agree they are gut wrenching.They don’t get easier. But…my advice, after being told the same…ALWAYS tell them you will return. No matter how awful you are feeling, move that blade of grass in front of you and tell them absolutely. Yes you feel beat up, small, humiliated, and likely confessed things that would make a sailor and a priest blush. Well, maybe not a priest anymore.But you get the point. If they have definite deception you will not be called back you will be denied. If they feel it is close but they cannot find any reason to deny…they need something to hang their hat on positive or negative. For instance, if it is an uncomfortable question on committing a crime and lets say you maybe got too fresh on a date…you feel you may have crossed a line…the guilt of that can lead to you showing hot on a criminal question. If you discuss it and it seems reasonable enough they do not call the police due to your honesty. That only goes so far. If you did commit a felony and weren’t caught…you do not get a pass. But feel free to talk to info from your past that makes you squeamish. I am the monarch of over thinking everything. As an INFJ personality I analyze endlessly. It is how I am wired and I can go down rabbit holes for days contemplating behavior, actions, what influenced me, why I did something, etc. And worse, if I imagine I did something or visualize doing something…it is as real a memory as if it happened. So if those thoughts pop up…I will register. And I just suffer under the sword of Damocles until they say recleared. It sucks. On this I give the group hug,. You aren’t suffering in silence by yourself. Even polygraphers hate submitting every 5.