Help annoying Trey

Anyone (preferably a BI)… wanna take a stab at explaining the steps after “passing” your poly.
Ie, when its assigned to an investigator (time frame) and what checks do they run that would eventually lead up to a subject interview?

Thanks in advance.

I’m in the process for a TS-5 and had my subject interview a few days after my poly. The BI actually called to schedule it before I even took the poly.

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@12months… well aren’t you special? (JK)


Is this for IC in VA or MD?

No, I’m actually nervous about it. I was hoping it would not be scheduled until after the poly. Apparently if you get a subject interview it’s a good sign your poly was not a complete disaster. So I never got that metric. They never told me if I passed or not.

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I took my subject interviews prior to the poly. Both indicated that they didn’t see any criminal, traffic or financial issues. I guess they have access to it.

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@12months, I’d take a guess and say that you “passed.”

@Trey3…I had my subject interview before my Poly, and I am finally having my Psych next week. I’m not sure if there is really any rhyme or reason as to why some have interview before Poly and some have interview after. Have you heard from anyone at all? Have you reached out to the recruiter?

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@Rkf4ever, no, I’ve only heard from them telling me I can be reimbursed for my travel… that’s it.

Even though my recruiter is amazing with respect to correspondence - she always gives the same response: “for privacy reasons, security doesn’t share with me where you are in the process until you’re cleared.”

So, I guess I’ll reach out to her this upcoming Monday.

BI’s have literally nothing to do with the poly. We just get the case when we get it and work it accordingly. We can’t see the results of your poly, nor would we know if you even took one unless you disclosed that info to the investigator


@sideshowbob, thank you. This is helpful. However, I was only referencing the poly for context.

The main purpose of the post was to have a better understanding of when it starts and the steps in which you guys follow onward.