Poly/Psych email

Hey All,

Here’s an update:

Received email to schedule poly/psych for IC/DoD - TS/SCI.

I have yet to have my subject interview.

Is this normal… or is this a new way to have someone self disqualify themself based on the poly/psych?

Thanks in advance.

Congrats! Progress at last! I say forward motion…is forward!


As always… thank you!

Yeah, that seems correct, poly/med/psych before BI

Is it for the one in Fort Meade? I thought they do the BI then the poly!

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Yeah, I assumed that as well. Like I said in the post — I think they are trying to have people self disqualify based on the poly/psych.

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It varies per agency. I did a FS poly and a few months later did the subject interview. It does save them time and resources if you fail your poly though.

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That makes complete sense. I’ve taken a poly for my current job (municipal)… and I know it’s no where near the same. :smirk: