Update on Process

Got an email today that my processing has been discontinued. Waiting for a letter in the mail. No other information was given.

Was this for CIA or NSA?

It was for Ft. Meade

Sorry to hear your processing was discontinued. At what point did they stop? Did you get your poly and psyc, and successfully complete them, and then they discontinued? Just trying to understand a little of the process. I was chatting with someone else and they failed their poly and never got a reschedule, they received the letter of discontinuance.

A discontinue happens quite often, and mostly on the applicant side for not assembling complete information in a manner and/or timeline requested, not following up with contacts (and attempted contacts) made by your personnel security unit (PSU), or simply being uncooperative, argumentative, etc., with your PSU.


I had completed everything and was just waiting to hear an update. I submitted any additional information when requested. I got the letter in the mail today. It doesn’t really say much except for me to write to some address to get more information.

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None of these were the case with me. I gave them everything they asked for in a timely manner. I’ll just have to write to the address they provided to get more info.

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It could be for a number of reasons and it might not even be something that you did. They normally hire up to 5 people per position and whomever makes it through the process first gets the job.


Honestly until the mail packet with reasons come back, everything is speculation. Taking guesses at what it was without knowing the individual I am sure is not doing much in terms of making them feel any better.

Rkf4ever, keep your head up. I know this sucks majorly, but hopefully its just a small bump in the journey. I still have my fingers crossed for you in reaching the end goal.

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That’s how I’m trying to look at it, as a bump in the road. It is a little disappointing, but I’m pushing through. I got the letter in the mail yesterday with not much info on it. I will write to the address they mentioned this week to find out more.

So I wrote to the address that was specified in the letter and so I have yet to hear back on that. Also, back in July before any of this happened, I requested a copy of my investigation, etc. I received a notice in August that they received my request and it was in queue. I figured since my processing was now over that maybe I could get this info now, so I sent an email with case number to follow up. I was told that there is a large volume of requests and there is a “first-in, first-out policy”. So there is no telling when I can get this info.

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If you did a FOIA request they are just going to send the entire file without any type of analysis. There will be the results of the poly and some annotations but if you were denied for suitability, it would have been something that you know about, something you admitted to.


This happened to me after passing poly and medical, but unaware if I passed psych. Ask them if you can re-apply and when. Submit a FOIA for some background info ASAP, which might take over a year to receive, and re-apply if you can. I got closed out after about a year of processing with little reason. I re-applied two years later and got hired once again. I’ve currently submitted my SF-86 and waiting.

I have my suspicions that the reason they closed me out, if it was related to me, was based on how I answered the weird question they asked about people leaking info (Snowden), during my psych eval. My FOIA said something about illegal conduct, and they omitted everything related to my psych eval and sent blanked out pages instead, but that’s my hypothesis. My FOIA said something about illegal conduct, but did not specify if I was granted or denied a clearance. The only illegal things I did was download like 5 songs, which I admitted, and had a driving record with quite a bit of citations, two of which, driving on suspended license, were misdemeanors.

If the reason was unrelated to me, they might have just had someone who finished processing before me. They tend to take people in batches and see who makes it through first. According to a contact I have at another agency, Ft. Meade wastes a lot of money doing this, and according to him, they just don’t have the time or money to process people at his agency who they know may not make it thru the process. I don’t know who is right or wrong, but food for thought.

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@justananalyst Thanks for your response. I have requested background info through FOIA. They responded and told me there was a backlog and that I was in a “first-in, first-out” queue, and they would get info to me as soon as they could. So who knows how long that will take. I am very curious to know the reasoning behind it because I can’t think of anything that was said that would cause an issue.

@velcroTech thanks…I haven’t the slightest idea what it could be because I didn’t have anything bad I admitted to. I guess it’s just wait and see at this point for the files.

You might not find out the reasoning if they redact your psych, which they most likely will. But give it a year. You’ll also get something from FBI as well, since Ft. Meade pulls data from FBI. So as a part of your FOIA, FBI will get you FOIA info too. They have their stuff better together than Ft. Meade does, so they’ll send the data on a CD and it might not take so long. Ft. Meade will send you a huge packet, and it will take long.