NSA Processing Discontinued

I just got an email from my recruiter (after emailing him asking for updates) that my NSA processing was discontinued. No specific reason was given. Just that I can send a letter in writing to request reasons for my denial and to wait a year to reapply. I had completed my poly and psych evaluations this past October and passed the poly on the first attempt. I started this process over two years ago, so I’m very disappointed by this outcome. And I wish I knew whether this was a clearance issue or the position was simply filled.
My questions are:
What kind of format should I use to frame the letter?
Can I apply to a different three letter agency now hoping that the issue was not a clearance one?

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If it was a clearance denial they would not invite you to apply again in 1 year.


Recent drug use will generate the discontinuation but allow you to apply again in a year.

Putting my experience as I had the exact same message from NSA last summer.
I Applied at another agency after and was granted my clearance even after explaining the email I got from the NSA to my investigator. So I would def say go and apply, just don’t forget to list that you had an investigation previously.

Best way to frame the letter imo would be to state the events that transpired before then…stating you passed your poly and so forth, and kindly inquiring about the reasoning for discontinuation. Keep it sweet, simple, and informative. Only you would know you best as to what is in your background…and what they may have uncovered…even after your poly…which may have been not satisfactory in their eyes. Or…it also may not have been a denial, just a form of inconclusiveness perhaps, unless you were told it was a clearance denial, for which you will have to state so going forward to whichever agency you decide to apply for/if you need to fill out an SF-86 again. Usually if folks get denied or have inconclusive results from one agency in regards to their Poly (maybe sometimes even investigations), they can still apply with another agency and might be able to obtain a clearance with that agency as each agency, especially if it is 3 letters, kinda does their own adjudication assessment and poly (if needed).

Did your current agency reuse your background investigation or any other parts from your NSA-sponsored clearance?

Not to my knowledge.

Yeah , I just heard around town from folks that have received similar feedback from agencies like this. So little info, yet so many possibilities and opportunities if the right doors open

If you haven’t done so yet, definitely don’t count out sending a letter questioning the reasoning behind the decision. I was in the same situation a week ago and sent back a letter the next day. I’ve yet to get any response back yet, but I noticed that when I sent the letter my application history on the dashboard had been completely wiped and now it’s back to saying my application is in the security processing stage. No idea what’s going on, but could be a sign that the decision is not as firm as the recruiter emails make it sound.

I wouldn’t read into this too much. Your recruiter is your best advocate and the only way for you to communicate with somebody on the inside unless you got the hiring manager’s contact info. Don’t be afraid to ask for this when you are interviewing and receive a CJO.

When it’s discontinued that mean the government wanted additional information from you regarding your “SF86”form ,it seems that NSA didn’t properly do their job reaching out to the government or you, so they discontinued your case, you can reapply you have to call NSA because it’s a reason why they discontinue the investigation something that’s missing on your NSA investigation that they wanted you to correct. NASA supposed to reach out to the government to see why your investigation was stopped, if the government don’t get no response within certain amount of time they discontinue your case

Reading so many stories about people’s clearance processing being discontinued after successfully completing BI, poly and CI is concerning. I wonder what is the percentage of people going through all that and not getting the job. I’m not talking about someone not passing the poly or BI, but actually completing the process…

Am I being impatient by expecting to have been contacted within 5 months of an interview? My dashboard says I’m still being considered but haven’t received any sort of news in 5 months now…