Very worried clearance issue

I currently have a final Secret, an interim TS and I’m awaiting word on my final TS. I resigned from my former employer during the investigation and my current employer kept it. While I was in my interview with my investigator she mentions that my former supervisor at my former employer says I was terminated which I wasn’t I provided her with an email from HR three days after I resigned which stated I resigned along with a letter from HR confirming that a month later. I’m very worried that this dispute will stop my chances of getting my final TS and I may possibly lose Secret as well. Should I be worried? My investigator didn’t believe I should be worried as they were documented issue with the supervisor and department and I worked at the employer for three years with no issue expect for with that one department and supervisor. I’ve had two former coworkers and four current coworkers and one current supervisor all speak on my character and all said great things about me. I’m just really worried and honestly hurt that someone would lie and that the field reporter took their word at face value without checking with HR.

I wouldn’t worry about it so long as you have documentation.

You’re asking, “will they believe my supervisor over his HR department?” I’m pretty sure they will go with HR . . .

Thank you and yes I provided the investigator with the email and the letter from HR stating I resigned from my position and that they were never involved so there was no termination as HR would have to be involved for that to happen.

Sounds like you had vindictive supervisor! Hopefully HR deals with him/her.