HELP! Disclose being Terminated on the SF86?

Should i disclose my termination form my latest job on my SECRET Clearance forms?

I have a long work history 30+ years and this last month, i brought digital media to work which contained personal (adult) and work related files and attached it to my work computer.

Corporate IT audited my account found the adult content examined my laptop and terminated me for Unacceptable Use of Corporate Network.

Will my old company indicate that i was terminated or just state my employment dates?
Should i try to explain this on my Clearance form or just ignore it?

I need this new job.

The reason for termination is always explored so whether or not you want to make it worse than it already looks is up to you. Plus you misused IT systems. You have two things to answer for. Good luck.


The answer to everything is to answer accurately on the eQuip.

thanks for your feedback

thanks for your input i believe i will follow what you are saying.

thanks again

Own up to it. Given that you were terminated for misconduct it is more likely than not that an investigator will uncover the incident(s). Good luck

The form clearly asks you to disclose this information. The Government takes lack of candor seriously… even if you omit this information and you were favorably adjudicated, this information will eventually show up down the road. When they do, I can imagine that it won’t be pretty as you will be slapped with lack of candor…

By disclosing, are you at risk of losing the job? It depends on several factors including the agency that’ll adjudicate your background investigation. However, being truthful and owning up the mistake will go long way with the adjudicator(s). It’ll also helps if you have a “plan of action” in which you’ll not repeat the mistake. I can attest to that as I was twice terminated (in span of two years) yet my background investigation was favorably adjudicated.

thanks Dave i think you are right.

No problem. Personally, I think if that is your only issue and you are honest about it, you’ll get cleared. Best of luck.