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It’s definitely a risk. Lying or misrepresenting information on the SF-86 is meant to be a big problem, as it is a pretty good indicator of you possibly misleading investigators or your employer in the future.

However, you certainly shouldn’t try to conceal it. The lesson you should have taken away is that you can’t expect good returns for falsifying information on applications. Trying to conceal the fact that you previously misrepresented information is just a further problem.

I would say go for it, but be as honest as possible. Even though it is possible that the next agency won’t see that previous SF-86, it is very likely that they will discover the truth of why you were previously terminated. In particular, question 25.1 asks if the U.S. government has ever investigated your background. So if that previous agency was part of the U.S. government, you would need to explain your situation.

Lying is serious. Yes, you made a mistake by telling your co-worker that, but you took a laughing moment between you and your investigator into a serious matter.

If it was never printed, how did anyone know?

I feel like this is trolling

It’s possible that your SF-86 was never saved and that the agency did its own separate background check just to make sure you would pass the clearance.

However, you should move forward with the assumption that that old SF-86 is visible to your new employer. You don’t want to pretend that you didn’t lie on a previous form, then get caught out if they do have access to it.

This experience should have taught you that misrepresenting information is a bad habit, so it really doesn’t matter going forward if they can or can’t see the old SF-86. Just own up to it if it comes up.

It was for the FBI. I was so nervous i panicked to be honest. But yes, i was found non suitable after the FBI’s investigation. Not sure if that means opm was involved and my SF got sent out

Why would the FBI deny you for that? It seems like a minor discrepancy and something that they would have tried to clarify or confront you about before outright denying you. But I guess it’s different since you intentionally mislead them and they found out.