Any Input appreciated!

When I enlisted I filled out some sort of background paper and then he put my info into some form that resembles SF-86. Now when I am filling out actual SF-86 for an actual clearance, I have an opportunity to think about what I put there, so with that said, I ended up with additional info that is different from my original paper.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I would like to know what to get ready for. Will they deny my clearance because of the omitted info?

So just curious, you say you are still a foreign national and are in the U.S. Army now. That is not unusual as many legal permanent residents enter the U.S. Armed Forces. However, if you are not a U.S. citizen, then you cannot be granted a security clearance unless there is such a vital need for a skill set that cannot be filled by a U.S. citizen. Perhaps you are filling a position that has sensitive duties which, although they do not include access to classified information, if performed by an untrustworthy individual, could cause harm to the national security.


I meant I was foreign national. I am a citizen now, currently in process of renouncing none-US citizenship. I understand the citizenship part. Do you have any idea if those are big issues. None of that of malicious and the information seems small in value to me, but I am stressing out because I do not know if they will deem me untrustworthy and I will be kicked out of the Army. Thank you!

just be ready to explain everything, as you did in your post. I have seen recruiters skip over LOTS of information and when you meet with an investigator you will need to explain everything, list all information asked. Be as accurate as you can as, the information about previous addresses, employments, educations will all be uncovered during the investigation. Admit it before we( the investigation) find it. That will help in the long run, or so I am told.

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I don’t see a major issue but you definitely want to clarify all above with the investigator. If you have the ability to contact the sponsoring command I would make sure this info is reported in advance of them discovering it.

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Thank you everybody for the responses!