SF86: Previous work firing & Expunged cases

Two areas in SF86 that need some guidances.

  1. A bit frequent move from job to job, one misconduct firing 2015 or two mutual agreement leavings and terminations, etc.
    One case: One employer says i did non-work related activities during work hours, forwarding work emails to personal email.
  2. Expunged misdemeanor cases (2014, 2015, 2018), paid fines, etc. Can list general info but the details of date, charge, agency are not sure and I don’t have documents anymore for two of the three
    Should I go to local police conduct a background check for those expunged info before answering SF86? Or provide estimated memory?
    What is the chance to have in 1. Public Trust with a federal agency & 2. Secret clearance in Military enlistment?
  1. I think you need to be a little more clear. There might be a typo here? Were you forwarding work emails to your personal email?

  2. Three misdemeanor charges in five years? I suspect that this will present an issue but it could well depend more on the nature of the charges. You should provide the best information that you can get your hands on. Whatever you need to do to get it. It’s one thing if you don’t remember specifics about something that happened 20 years ago when you were a teen. It’s another when they only occurred a few years ago.

Just a general question . . . What are we supposed to do when someone posts and asks, “I was arrested a few years ago. Can I get a clearance?” There’s a big difference between, “I was arrested and released due to a case of mistaken identity” and “I was arrested for killing my girlfriend but the charges were dismissed due to a technicality.”

You have to give us some help . . .

  1. did forward work email to my email. this position is a business development/sales for non profit. ended in late 2018. I learn the lesson and won’t doing that again.
  2. a. petty theft, dismissed prior to court, 2014
    b. metro failure to pay, 20 hour community service. dismissed prior to court, 2015
    c. metro failure to pay, paid the fine, dismissed prior to court, 2018.

no drug, no alcohol, etc.

  1. Learning your lesson is a mitigating factor but the underlying issue will need to be addressed. What you did may have been a no-no at a non-profit but it becomes a major issue in government work.

2a. It doesn’t matter that it was dismissed. The investigator will want to look at the issue that caused you to be charged in the first place. They will try to make a determination of what your action really were.
b. What it a “metro failure to pay?”
c. Same question.

It sounds like you have an issue with following the rules. That is what they are going to want to look at.

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Can be mistaken, but in metropolitan areas where there is a subway or metro line, “hopping the turnstile” is a crime. Not sure if this is what OP means though.

Failure to pay the required fare on metro system (DC, NYC, others that call it metro).

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OK . . . If it’s turnstile jumping, while it seems minor it could be a serious issue. The applicant doesn’t want to play by the rules and repeated his error even after being caught and paying the penalty and the second time was just last year.

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I concur with Ed. The big picture overall is a propensity to demonstrate behavior indicating they do not follow the rules of society. Why would you follow the rules regarding classified material? What in your “demonstrated integrity” speaks to that? Not your opinion, but your demonstrated acts? The record clearly shows a recent, and somewhat prolonged demonstration of not doing what you are supposed to do. Now, age can play a factor. If you are 19 or 20…you can make a case of juvenile stupidity. But 2018 was fairly recent. And it was a repeated behavior. Do you have any mitigating explanations for those events? Honestly if you are 26 or older, all of that needs stop and you need demonstrate you can lead a life without doing those things. That is the best mitigation…don’t…and stop if you were. If I interviewed you for a security screening I would likely pass.

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Yes want to show I can lead a life without doing those stupid things again. Recent enlist in military hoping to serve the country and lead a new life with discipline. Would that help? don’t want to find excuses and want to be truthful with all these past.

You would need speak to these things to a recruiter. They are usually leaning more to get numbers in end of the spectrum. But, if you truly are sincere and want to demonstrate you are a hard working person…it is a great path. A demanding path but a great one

From my understanding they go back 7 years on arrest. Is this true? I only have to misdemeanors over 25 years ago and enlisted in the Navy two years after the plea. Not it’s been over 25 years have an incredible resume Masters, law enforcement and investigations. Do you think I I have a chance I am a disabled Veteran 30% or higher.