SF86 and criminal background

I am currently 42 and applying for a security clearance to work at an ammunitions plant. On the SF86 it mentions 7 yrs on some things but says EVER on others. When I was 18 I was charged but not convicted of a sexual offense. I was 17 dating a 15 yr old girl and I turned 18 before she was 16, making it illegal to have sex with. I was living with her and her parents but still was deemed illegal. Judge withheld adjudication and said he didn’t wanna ruin my life. Now fast forward I do wanna be honest on the form however if this is a disqualifier I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Any suggestions?

If any of the ever questions apply to your background, then answer accordingly. If no, move on; if yes, answer all the branching questions. Pretty cut and dry.

If your offense was a felony at the time, then it should be listed. Although you will need to list it, you appear (I have no idea the circumstances you are in) to have every mitigating actor in your favor, i.e. age at time of event, passage of time (with no repeated behavior), etc. You are far from a waste of time.

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Thank you for your help