I just summited my sf86 form need help with my past and will it effect me

hi I just was offered a position from a government contractor and it requires me to pass a background check and a sf86 form. I am currently employed and have never had a gap of employment since my 18th birthday im going to be 25 in August. I was with my first company for 6 years and left for my current employer as a career change. I was top in customer service achieved many awards and was a top performer on my reviews I left on great terms. When I was 17 I pled nolo with a felony assault was charged as an adult. In my state its not a criminal conviction. There was no harm done to property or him and I didn’t have to pay restitution. I did 5 years probation and anger management classes. no jail time. I was never in trouble before or after I made a mistake as a kid and have learned from that. there is no excuse for what I did at the time my mother was dieing from cancer I wasn’t in the best of mindset. I have excellent credit. I don’t drink or do any drugs. I have a family now. I have never been late with any bills I have no missed or late payments. It has been 7 years since will this effect me getting a clearance or should I be worried thanks!

As long as you have disclosed the conviction and provide the same explanation that you have provided here with supporting documentation of the completion of the probation requirements there is a good chance it can be mitigated. Adjudicators look at the age of the individual when the conduct occurred, circumstances, time elapsed since then, and rehabilitation.