Expunged juvenile record

So, in the preliminary stages of gaining employment as a contractor. I will have to complete a sf-86 form, and had just started to look through the questions but now have some concerns.
When I was 17, i had a lapse of judgement that resulted in an arrest for possession of a firearm by a minor and unlawful possession of a firearm. To clarify, my friends and I found an old gun in my garage and took it out to an undeveloped area of town to shoot at bottles and such. Unfortunately, a police officer was in the area and heard the shots. I was arrested and released to my parents. At family court, I was adjudicated a juvenile delinquent and sentenced to 9 months probation.
I have since had the records expunged, and have not had any other run-ins in more than 30 years.
So, 2 questions for the good members of this forum:

  1. I am assuming that this would not affect a final clearance (based on initial research into the process), but does it make a interim clearance unattainable?
  2. I plan on hiring an attorney regardless to help me complete the application and make sure I use the right wording. Are there any recommendations to lawyers that have experience in these applications?
    Thank-you in advance for any suggestions!

30 years ago??? I doubt very seriously it would have any bearing at all, but be sure to read the forms carefully… some things are “Have you EVER…” I’m not sure if events that happened before your 18th birthday count.

There should be no reason to waste money on a lawyer just to fill the forms out. And if there is one area where you can waste money, it is when you deal with lawyers.

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Ever means…ever.

the time passing since the incident should mitigate most of the concerns … unless you have had other similar incidents over the last 30 years.

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The question on the form regarding firearms is an ever question so you answer it truthfully.

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Just answer truthfully and save your money on a lawyer.

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Certainly speak to it. But do not fear it. If they found it, and they will find it, and you did nto speak to it…you have bigger issues. It is what it is and was. You cannot change what happened 30 years ago. It will be easy to find a lawyer wanting billable hours to charge to research this for you. But I see no value added.

Hiring an attorney is a waste of money. Just disclose the incident and explain. You will be fine.