Security clearance with/felony

When I was 17 years old I got two charges as a felony as a juvenile as I was trying to make my own fireworks and got turned in by my mom to local police in AZ. 1) is class 4 prohibited weapon 2) class 6 endangerment
I was on probation for two years afterwards. Afterwards I got my rights restored and expunged and records destroyed and even have my ccw. But I know FBI will be able to pull it up. Is there any way or route I can still obtain a security clearance to be able to go into special forces or pilot in the military? Please anything will help clarify.

Not an expert, but a charge is not a conviction. How old are you now/how long ago was this?

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He spent two years on probation. That indicates a verdict.

If the event was properly expunged under state law, I don’t think that you need to report it but I wouldn’t advise that you take my word for it.

Yes, it will still show up in the investigation and you will need to address it. I expect that you are most certainly clearable if this is all there is.


Ahh yes, missed that.

It was when I was 17 in 2013 and went through juvenile courts. 24 now.

Young, dumb and stupid covers a lot of foolishness. I would report it and make clear how you led a better life since. It is fast becoming ancient history once 7 years rolls by. After 10…makes for a good story. Props to mom for making you face the music even if she did not realize the impact this would have. I believe you can easily overcome this but I would report it on the SF Fm 86.


Section 22 reads: For this section report information regardless of whether the record in your case has been sealed, expunged, or otherwise stricken from the court record, or the charge was dismissed. You need not report convictions under the Federal Controlled Substances Act for which the court issued an expungement order under the authority of 21 U.S.C. 844 or 18 U.S.C. 3607. Be sure to include all incidents whether occurring in the U.S. or abroad.

This is reportable.

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I think you should be fine with respect to security clearance, but certain access. I am not sure.

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Explosive offense, even just the charge, is an ever question. Time will mitigate but you will always be discussing it.

You sure it was fireworks and not a pipe bomb?


I’ve had to confront Subjects about fireworks offenses that were “sealed” as a juvenile. I used to be amused how angry Subject’s became when they learned we knew they lied. Now I just ask them when they are done with their fussing if we talk about it.


Well my goal was fire crackers. But I’m sure on paper it Does not look like that.

We were all young and stupid at some point. Just stay away from future homemade explosives and you should be fine.

Your mom turned you in? Yikes.

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Go mom! How many amongst us “attempted to purchase explosives”? I sure did. Always firecrackers, Class C legal sold at roadside stands sort of stuff. Never made a Frankenstein bomb of my own…just liked watching fireworks. It gets tricky in that you can purchase, possess, own, hold…just not light off in most areas. Police came by one night as I lit some off 10 plus years ago. Nice officer seen we were simply enjoying the 4th of July, and they were all gone. But it led to a good discussion. Previously one could not buy in Virginia. Now they have stands all over. You just are highly restricted to where you can use them. I understand the confusion on adults part…and I understand the fascination on a kids part. I still love fireworks. But let the authorities set them off.

Don’t build of shoot off “fireworks” . . . You need to get into “model rockets” . . .

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You’re good. Five charges and two convictions here. And as an adult. Still worked for a three letter agency. The secret? Tell them everything until they get bored with you. Hold back nothing. Tell them where you may have gone if left unchecked. Make them tell you to shut up. Make sure it is something you lived through, admitted, and moved on from.

Because of my past I got a job helping people who answered YES to a “Have you ever” question on paperwork. Remember you are just a number to these people. Think of it as showing your bits to a doctor. They see naked people all the time, so you feel nothing. Same with your past.

It happened and you can never change it. May as well dance with those skeletons in your closet, and take them to your interviews.


Thank you sir for your response. Yes I’m not afraid to admit it and do not want to hide it. I always think it’s best do you full disclosure.

That sidenote I found that AZPOST Will not accept it but did research and found at federal agencies can still. Is there a way we can talk over the phone in detail about application processes since you have gone through yourself? I’m still trying to join the military as of now but in looking into DEA

See my user name? Send an email to me at that name at gmail dot com. Give me your number and location and I will text you.