Chances of getting a Secret Security Clearance

I am 20 and currently in ROTC, and I plan on contracting soon. I need to fill out a secret security clearance form, and my concern is about prior convictions. I have a sealed juvenile record from when I was 16 for doing something really stupid. I was being charged with a misdemeanor for indecent exposure. I never was arrested or anything, and my court appearance was brief. Since this was the first time I had ever gotten into serious trouble, the prosecutor and the referee (I didn’t appear before a judge) decided that I was to be put on probation for 3 months, and after my record would be sealed and at 18 it would be destroyed. I have never gotten into any trouble with the law again, and I do intend on disclosing this information on my security clearance forms. My major concern is the likelihood of me getting a secret security clearance. Is it likely that I would get one? I know that it was only a misdemeanor, but the charge of ‘indecent exposure’ sounds very serious, at least to me. Thank you

Well, for one thing, youth is on your side :slight_smile: Be sure to disclose everything, even if it is sealed, because federal investigators can usually get into ANYTHING.

I don’t think it will be a problem, but then they don’t ask my opinion about such things.

I think you will be OK.

I agree with Ssubsquirrel. I had two misdemeanors that were a little more serious than yours and I got my clearance. Just disclose all information and you will be fine. It would be more serious if there was a pattern of this behavior. If it was a one time thing, you can mitigate that. Don’t worry, and be honest.