Sealed misdemeanor records

Would a sealed misdemeanor record show up on security clearance?

If there were processed finger prints involved - probably. Not sure about juvenile records.

The FBI wrap sheet gets pulled and reviewed. Any instance that had prints will be shown there.

In the world of security clearances there is no such thing as sealed or expunged. If it happened in the coverage timeframe you should be transparent and report on the form.


If there were fingerprints or the incident was a reportable incident - even juvenile crimes pop up during the federal BI.

Many of my amusing stories deal with Subject’s yelling and screaming because they were confronted with information they thought was sealed or expunged…

The national security questionnaire clearly instructs you to provide the information even if the incident was sealed, expunged, or otherwise stricken from the courts.

Thanks for the feedback. So in this situation, what would be the best option moving forward? Do you acknowledge the sealed conviction and be honest with it? Can they deny the application based on that sealed conviction?

Yes list all details if it fits the timeframe asked about. The security clearance forms have different timeframes for different issues - within one year, 7 years, 10 years and/ or ever.

Remove any thought process you’ve connected to being sealed. That action doesn’t exist with clearance investigations. Stop referring to it as sealed and look at it as something that took place and probably needs to be reported.

Now, fit whatever issue this is into the form requirements. Drugs, alcohol, violence, criminal activity, felonies, misdemeanor… whatever it is.

Also, keep in mind during an interview there will be additional questions in addition to what the form has which the investigator must ask that may cover the issue in question.

I don’t believe there is a way to skirt the issue and not report.

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Thanks very much for the insight. One last question. Can they deny application if you answered honestly you have a sealed misdemeanor conviction? And what are some of the reasons applications are denied?

Seriously drop the word/activity/action that relates to the record being sealed. It means nothing in the context of a security clearance.

There is no wise way to answer whether your clearance will be granted. There are all kinds of situations that can keep a person from obtaining a clearance. Best bet, be honest and let it play out as it should.

Btw, why so troubled about a misdemeanor?

I have a misdemeanor record about 10 years ago which has been sealed under state law. It wasn’t a federal conviction. I just want to know how it will play about a job I interviewed for recently that requires a security clearance.

Yes of course they can.

No one can answer your question because the decision to grant a security clearance or public trust position depends on everything the adjudicator has in front of them when they make their decision.

One admitted 10 year old misdemeanor prevent your clearance? Probably not. The events around that misdemeanor and your behavior since that misdemeanor might have bearing on your case.

The devil is in the details. Only the adjudicators who have all of the available information in front of them can make their decision.