Clearance taking significantly longer than co-workers, am I facing a denial?

I put my SF-86 in around January 2018 for a TS. I had my interview October 2018. I first heard from my manager in June 2019 I’m in adjudication. I asked my FSO today and she said I’m still in adjudication and confirmed again my investigation was completed.

I never got a follow up interview, just one follow up phone question on what specific degree did I get from college. That was in November 2018. Last I heard from anyone that they got contacted by an investigator was January 2019.

Should I be worried facing a denial? It’s just been bizarre, I had one co-worker put his SF-86 in January 2019 and got his TS in July not expedited. Another in November and cleared in February. Another in May 2018 and cleared June 2018.

What the hell it’s like standing in a queue and people keep getting called ahead of you.

Feels crappy as hell…and just nothing I can do…

EDIT: Mistyped year

Nope. Welcome to bureaucracy. Just enjoy the ride. Super clean background can take almost no time and a lot of time. Questionable backgrounds can also take no time and a lot of time. Hard to say.

When you say interview in October 2018…are you saying that was with the BI person? You were not in adjudication in June of 2018 if you met the BI person in October. Did you mistype the year? I know it is like the DMV and multiple iterations of numbers all called before you. But it really is the complexity of each item driving the boat. If a person has zero known and unknown issues it is faster than a person having a lot of foreign friends or travel, arrests, previous debt issues, recreational drug use etc. Each case is as unique as it gets and each agency adds its own uniqueness. If it is for a TS 18 months is not unusual at all. Up to 24 months is not too far out of the center of the bell curve. If you go beyond 24 months I would say yes you are likely losing traction and may face a denial.

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Ah yes I meant June 2019 was in adjudication not 2018 heh.

Makes sense…yeah I’ve been chalking it up to my two other coworkers never left home to go to college, I did and moved multiple times in college. Past 7 years I think I’ve lived in 7-9 different places “technically”…it may have just been like I moved from Dorm A to Dorm B.

Other than that, just some marijuana use in high school and early college, less than 5 times and helped pay for it one time like $10. One time went on some foreign travel on a cruise. All I brought up in detail, with who, when, etc in the SF-86.

Ahhh, just entering Adjudication in June, is a no worry issue. I sent almost 20 to Poly last March, and all are in adjudication now. Most are approaching 18 months total from initiation of BI (not necessarily when we sent it or they turned in). Most entered Adjudication in May, some in June, one in July. I’ve seen 6 plus months in Adjudication before and they clear with no notice or written acknowledgment required. They do require scoping each location. It is annoying to list dorm buildings, room numbers specifically and folks who knew you, particularly when the entire dorm changes out by semester. But that is how they want it. So it takes a piece of time.

Gotcha, makes sense.

Well that’s pretty despair inducing, I guess I’m having pretty low hopes maybe being fully cleared by Spring 2020…hopefully.

It’s just extremely infuriating to hear several people on the same program go through in a few months, and I still sitting alone waiting in unclass area :frowning: .


Understood. But adjudication is where each person has differing or zero issues. Not saying you have a troubled history, just that this the point it usually slows down. I have a few in adjudication since April. Now, maybe there was a change out, nobody is pushing for the clearance, you were forgotten…or nothing is the matter. Infuriating is a good word for this part.

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