Denial and now another Investigation

Back in September I was denied an ssbi for a dhs entry level job with a contractor. I used Marijuana in 2014 once or twice and was denied since I stated this on the equip. I received an SOR and it said that they have a zero tolerance drug policy. OK. Understood. Fast forward to October, I accepted a job with CACI as a Case Reviewer and I am being submitted for another ssbi. I will submit the equip Monday. This is for an OPM and NBIB contract. I just found out that you are supposed to wait a year on applying for a clearance. Will I get denied again? I was thinking maybe since its a different entity then I would be fine.

When denied a clearance the final decision letter usually states from one year of the date of the letter you may reapply with that agency. Nothing prevents you from applying with another agency, just be aware that you would still have to disclose the previous denial and drug use. It is up to the new agency to determine whether they want to process it.

Okay cool. And yeah I did put that i was denied and did drugs. I’m just gonna stick with telling the truth. I’ve read too many promotion of clearance and got fired stories.