Got denied for a ssbi

Had an entry level data job for DHS. Said i smoked weed twice 3 years ago and got denied. Which is straight bs since I know people have done much more and have gotten cleared. So much for telling the truth and being transparent. Se la vi.
If I ever get a chance (prob not) at another cleared job should I just leave this out? I am just going to join the military at this point though.

That info isn’t going to just disappear.

If you’re truly interested, give it some time and understand each agency has their own requirements.

Yeah if you try to leave it out while you go for another SSBI your old file will come up and if the same incident is in scope you will get denied again. Be honest. DHS and other Agencies don’t mess around with that stuff really. Wait your year, try another agency, or just try again!

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Something hilarious just happened today. I randomly got offered a job as a Investigations Case Reviewer. The very people who denied me a clearance, is now offering me a job. Now I am struggling whether to even go through with it to get my first ever clearance or not and ditch them after a couple of months. I feel like I am going to get denied again because I need an SSBI for this also.

Too much. You can’t make this stuff up.