Secret clearance investigation

I received an email yesterday saying that my background investigation had started. My application was sent back 3 times cause of some little mistakes that I fixed but what my question is since my e quip was returned that many times, I got a little frustrated cause I had to go through it over again and I went a little fast on the yes or no portions. I want to believe that I put yes for past drug use but I really don’t know since I rushed through the yes or no’s. Is there a way I could email someone and try to explain? I really don’t want to leave it like that either since it’s been eating at me. I hope it doesn’t hurt my chances or getting a clearance either. I would only smoke marijuana at the end of the week to help me sleep since I’ve been working night shifts for the past 5 years, I quit smoking in August/September of last year as well. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Why would you not keep a copy? I thought there was an option to keep a copy for your records?


See if this helps

Most likely you will have an interview. You can update details at that time as well. Your investigator will review each section with you which gives you the chance to correct/ explain anything that is questionable.

You can log onto the equip and snag a copy. Go back to the email that gave you the link to get it started. I believe that link will work for an additional log on to print whet was previously completed.

Best wishes to you!

You want to believe you listed yes?


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Oh, how common this is.

Keep records, people. Especially your security forms. I can’t tell you how many applicants I deal with on a daily basis who have no clue about the information they’ve input into their security forms and then act surprised when a LOI arrives or the investigator continues ask for additional information.

Some applicants don’t even fill out their own eQIP - they have someone else do it. Who does that? People who should not work for or on behalf of the US government.

eQIP always gives you the option to download your archival copy.

@WildnCrazy You cannot log back into eQIP and “snag a copy” after you’ve released your eQIP to the agency. The system locks your account at that point. And clearly for good reason.

If you rush through your eQIP, you get to pay for that throughout the process. Sorry. That’s how it is.


Didn’t realize it was released.

Thanks for that correction.

Things everyone needs to keep a hardcopy :

Tax returns w/receipts and supporting documents (at least three years)

DD Form 214 (forever)

US passport (at least while the passport is valid)

Naturalization/US born overseas document (forever)

Court records (including divorce and bankruptcy-forever)

Security clearance/Public trust applications (SF86/85P - at least until your next submission)

Rarely do I have Subjects, even “educated/professional” Subjects that can produce all the critical documents for their own background investigation.


Yeah I’m gonna go with “oops, you accidentally checked no.” Now you force a decision on “was he trying to deceive?” And “Did he falsify his sf86?”

MJ use only 8 months earlier, on Fridays…sounds like “only driven by an old lady to Church on Sundays”

Most Fridays or one Friday? Most Fridays is regular to heavy use and normally requires more than 12 months to mitigate. If they think you were deceptive? Much higher hill to claim.

If you checked “Yes” you were required to fill out frequency of use. If you did not…then you likely checked “no.” Accidentally. In haste. Ish.

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