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I’m recently going for Secret level clearance for the first time. I submitted my SF86 carefully, and had my interview 2 days ago. I prepared for the interview by reviewing all the questions I answered. I was candid during the interview. However, one question, which after the fact had my mind racing and am stressed out about. On the SF86 form, it asked if you had taken illegal drugs in the last 7 years. I had tried marijuana 19 years ago 2 times. However, during the interview I thought I was asked this same question as I was following along (in the last 7 years) - however after the interview I started second guessing myself, and he might have asked have I “ever”. So after lots of stress and mind-wandering, I emailed the investigator the information, and let him know that I answered the SF86 question correctly, but if he asked “ever” than I was candid with him that I tried marijuana 19 years ago. So am I freaking out about this? Is it normal to follow up after the interview like this? I figured it is better to be truthful than to have a guilty conscious.
Thanks ahead of time.

The SF86 asks for seven years of illegal drug use but adjudicative guidelines require we ask about any illegal drug use. Your Investigator will note your answer but time, without repeated behavior, especially that much time, should have mitigated your use.

Don’t lose any sleep over it.

My answer was thinking it was for 7 years during the interview - but after processing the whole interview - I started to think I answered incorrectly and emailed him the next day confirmation of the question. I didn’t intentionally lie, I just answered incorrectly.

Thank you for the response. So even if I said “no” during the interview - had second thoughts about my response and emailed him letting him know that I indeed should have said yes - this shouldn’t be a problem?

Never won’t ever be part of an investigation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: however ever on the other hand does create issues! :crazy_face:

I believe these are the following type of timeframe questions to work through during the various investigations:


I don’t believe there are any other timeframes that matter.

It would be probable that your drug use 19 years ago wouldn’t be enough to warrant additional discussion but if the detail is volunteered the investigator should complete the resolution questions (rest of the story) in follow up.

The general flow of questioning is usually “Have you used any illegal drugs in the last 7 years?” shortly followed with “Have you EVER used illegal drugs while possessing a security clearance?”. Is it possible that’s what you are confusing?

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I dread the day when we are required to ask every subject about any illegal drug use “ever” ;). The system would be bogged down for years with issues after all the reports piled in. 7 years only but EVER while possessing a security clearance.

Thanks all for the responses. I reached out to the investigator and he said it wasn’t an issue and would just note my follow up in the report and to no worry about it. After some of the responses here, maybe I indeed did confuse the questions after the fact between last 7 years for drugs…and EVER on a security clearance. Second guessing yourself can be a bad thing. So maybe I gave up more information than I needed to (which 19 years ago should be irrelevant), but still better than a guilty conscious and worrying if I answered falsely. The whole process is stressful and it feels like a confession for all your sins. Haha.

You had your interview two day after submission? Wow that seems so fast! Did you get notice about at interim by any chance?
Mine was just submitted two days ago and im also so anxious.

No I submitted my SF86 about 2 months ago. Had the interview this past Tuesday - followed up with the investigator via email regarding the EVER drug question - and contacted him Thurdsay to follow up to clear up the confusion regarding the question.