Weed use over 10 years ago will I get secret clearance?

Got an interview for a job with a defense contractor. If I land it I will have to get a top secret clearance. I used weed regularly from 2008-2011, and haven’t used it since then. The SF-86 form is asking for the last 7 years for drug use. If I answer No I won’t be lying but will I have trouble in an interview if they find out from the background investigation??

There are “Have you EVER” questions regarding illegal drug usage on the SF-86. Read them here https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf86.pdf and see if they apply.

The only time drug use is a “Have you ever” question is drug use while holding a clearance or while serving as a law enforcement officer.

I dont think this will be an issue at all. No use within the past 7 years=answer “No” on the form

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Also “have you ever been charged with an offense involving drugs?”

No sir! So I guess if I have to do the interview I would just state my use if they ask ever in life?

You will most likely be asked if you ever used any illegal substances. Just answer honestly. There will be a follow up on the time frames of your use but that will be about the extent of it.

Really? If the investigator asks that and the subject replies, does that then become part of the report?

yes, it does become part of the ROI.

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Would be interesting to know what percentage of BI’s would go beyond the SF-86 and ask this question. I know I never have and never would.

Hopefully a large percentage that are doing the job correctly.

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Making up our own questions? If Uncle Sam wanted to know if the Subject has “ever” used illegal drugs, wouldn’t that question be on the SF-86? If we are allowed to make up our own questions, I am going to start asking if the Subject has ever failed to clean up after their dog while on a walk. Why? Because I think that shows whether they have self-discipline. Then I’m going to ask if the Subject ever bought a Nickel Back CD. Why? Because I think that an affirmative answer shows that they have poor judgment.


I do my job 100% correctly and have never asked made up questions.

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Questions are not made up, straight out of official training manuals.

There is a huge problem with this agency not providing the same training across regions, much less between contractor and fed, it is a real disservice.

I made all sorts of snide comments about asking out of scope, in fact, I made the same comments as above.

I eventually learned I was wrong. Someday, you might too.

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