Can I get a copy of my SF86 if I submitted it via paper


I applied for a position with an iC agency and missed my window to upload my SF-86 via e-QIP so I had to mail it in. Would there be someone that I can reach out to to get a copy of my papers that I submitted?

Thanks in advance

You should of kept a copy, did you print them out or hand write them?

I didn’t foresee that I’d need to honestly. They sent me a SF86 that I opened in PDF and I filled it all in on there and printed it out and mailed them in.

I’m applying for another job and would like to have a copy so that I can make sure I get dates and such right so that things line up when they pull that SF86 for comparison.

Any time you fill out and sign any document, you should always retain a copy. Anyway, the quickest way will be get a copy from your security officer (FSO or SSO). Security officer should be able to give you a copy. Otherwise, you will need to submit a Privacy Act request to the agency that is receiving and processing your background investigation. Privacy Act requests can take some time tho.

Did you not save a PDF copy? We return hard copies tot eh person when they clear or burn bag when they are denied. Previous management kept them in the HR file which is a no-no. At a minimum they should discard the signature pages. Nothing wrong with requesting a copy.

Yeah, I’m realizing that now.

Should I contact the original agency I applied to or the one I’m applying to now? They are different agencies so that’s where I’m wondering how I’d get a copy of the written one that I mailed in to the previous agency.

I did, but the laptop it was on broke and I didn’t have it saved on my cloud drive. I never finished my investigation, withdrew my application after my interview with the investigator. The only issue with the length of time it would take is that I have to do my form in May. And after reading the information on the e-QIP site for requesting it looks as if they only have files that were submitted on the e-QIP website. So just making sure that even though I submitted it via paper it can still be retrieved.

Request a copy from the one(s) that you previously submitted your application. It is doubtful that your current agency (the one that asks you to fill out Sf-86) will be able to pull a copy of one that you submitted.

I just called OPM and they said they don’t have any records of my SF-86… just the copy of the fingerprints I did for the new position. She said that they’d have nothing to compare my old one to, so I guess the dates aren’t all that important that they’re exactly the same as they were on there.

Only the current company you applied to MIGHT have a hard copy. Nobody wants hard copies, everything is digital now, so when they are done with it…it is put in the burn bag. But I bet they scan them electronically and that copy can be retrieved if they were willing.

Okay, so it was the NSA and I withdrew my application before the investigation was completed. So should I reach out to them and see if they have a copy that I can obtain?

Those agencies more likely than not conduct their own background investigations; thus, they do not utilize OPM to do background investigations. This is probably why OPM does not have your submitted application. So, you need to contact the agency’s security officer, and the officer might still have a copy. You should contact the security officer that asked you to fill out the application since the officer should be able to pull it. If the person is no longer there, then chances are that the other security officer might not be able to do so. In that case, you will need to send Privacy Act request to the agency not OPM.

Okay, I was asked by my recruiter to fill it out and then got contacted by an officer for some follow up so I reached out to both. Hopefully they have it so that I can make sure to fill out the new one with proper dates and information.

Thanks for the help,

You can request a copy through the freedom of information act. The below link has a form/instructions. I’m guessing it’ll take 2-4 weeks to receive the package.

I reached out to them and they said they had nothing on me.

I went to the NSA website and submitted an FOIA form online, hopefully they will return it in a decent time frame. I spoke to my recruiter and she said she didn’t have it, and my reach out to the SO that I worked with wasn’t returned so this is my last hope.

Thanks for the insight

My predecessor was an HR person by trade and they maintained SF86’s. I am a security person by trade and ended that practice. Once the clearance is granted, we return the SF86 to the person or put in the burn bag. If you sent it via Email…they may have the soft copy available.

Oh, no I sent in a paper copy via the old snail mail. I’m still awaiting the PA request that I submitted, may just have to fill out my SF85 to the best of my knowledge and address any discrepancies once my BI starts up.