Paper copy SF86 instead of eQIP

My FSO had me fill out a paper copy of the SF86 instead of using eQIP. Does this sound right? Also I was being stupid and put a reference on the form who works overseas. I worked overseas for three years and put a reference on there who still lives over there. Is this going to slow the investigation down. Will I be able to provide the investigator with a different reference during my subject interview?

Some use Paper some use eQIP. Some use the newest SF86 some use the one from either 2010 or 2008 because it is shorter. All depends on what the agency wants. You will probably be asked to give more references during your subject interview.

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Thank you very much for the help!

The use of the older versions by a few agencies is why there is a reciprocity problem between the government agencies. the older forms do not meet the current security standards.

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Hmm I wonder why they still let them use the older forms.

because they are avoiding EQIP. OPM owns EQIP.

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