Concealed past drug use on SF-85P - should I come clean?

I know I screwed up, but bear with me. I recently applied and received a conditional offer for my first job out of college with the federal government - doesn’t require a security clearance, but considered “public trust”.

On the SF-85P I completed, I did not list any past drug use. This was not the truth. I used marijuana occasionally in college (no more than once or twice a month, as recently as three months ago) as well as LSD once with friends a few years ago. I lied because I was afraid that any recent drug use would lead to a denial.

The background check is in its early stages: I just submitted the e-QIP and my job isn’t scheduled to start for several weeks. I have felt awful about lying and want to come clean, but would admitting it at this point disqualify me anyway? Any advice - including telling me that I’m an idiot - is welcome.

If you just submitted the e-QIP I would call your security department and tell them you made several mistakes on it and that you need to re-submit. Maybe they’ll be able to send it back if the investigation is still in its very early stages. It will look a lot better if the investigation starts with that information disclosed on the forms vs. you telling the investigator during an interview.

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