Investigations Case Reviewer?

I was offered a job to work as a Investigations Case Reviewer after initally getting denied an SSBI clearance with DHS for taking a puff for a joint twice in 2014. (Hilarious) Does anyone have this job? Also how is it? I feel like I would set myself up to get denied again.

I can’t help you with the Investigations Case Reviewer question, but please clarify what you meant by denied an SSBI. You meant they denied an interim clearance, right? Or they rejected you based on a suitability review? If you got a Statement Of Reasons for a denied final clearance stating that the two instances of weed three years ago were disqualifying, I’ll be shocked.

Yeah denied an interim clearance for a top secret which is basically SSBI. Its kind of in its own category. Yeah i read it and it literally said drug use is an automatic no. They even gave me a chance to explain directly to the person that would give me the clearance and I still got rejected. I was amazed. I guess since its DHS any drug usage is basically murder in their books.

Interim just means you can start working without the full clearance. I don’t think you are DQed as of now. Can you confirm you got a SOR?

Also, the agency that you originally applied for has different standards than the investigators. You should be able to go through.

Yeah, However my offer (with the contractor) was contingent on receiving an ssbi/interim so they rejected me since I did not get the interim. They don’t want to wait a year plus for me to get the full thing which is understandable.

How long ago did you receive the denial? I won’t put someone in process if they used in the past 12 months and 18 months for misuse of another’s prescription med. Use is use. It speaks to a propensity to follow the rules. Be honest and answer the questions fully. I successfully cleared several people I previously held back due to juvenile use.

I got denied ssbi with DHS 2 weeks ago. I took 2 puff of marijuana in 2014 to see what the hype was when Colorado legalized. That was the first and last time. So its been over 3 years.


You would prob be best to ask. When applying for Investigations case reviewer is it really true that you get your investigation done in 3 weeks to a month? Thats what they are telling me at CACI.

The investigation has many gates to get through. As I understand it yes the BI is normally complete within 30 days. However there are varying levels of review based on information brought out by the BI. Each one is unique. I have found those living in one address for many years, having a long time job, excellent finances and zero derogatory info, no drugs, no arrests, no terminations etc, they move somewhat faster but not consistently and measurable so. Right now 8 to 12 months is my standard wait from the day I scan to the clearance division, to the day I get notified it was approved. So even though the investigation itself is complete, it could require higher level review before granting or denying. The two biggest reasons clearances are denied is non legal drug use and finances. I don’t know your entire situation and can only comment on the info provided. DHS may very well have a higher standard on drug use, or it is based on your age and other factors. What specifically did the statement of reasons say was the reason you were denied? Often they are written in the worst possible manner. Did the investigator understand what you were trying to communicate? Did he list it as more severe? Were there other factors listed?

Yeah I read the SOR said in section (yada yada yada) you listed that you did drugs (marijuana). This is the reason for your denial.

So I guess even listing that you have done drugs is an automatic no since it’s DHS. Who does investigations for CACI? I heard DOD does not care if it can be mitigated and other departments are fine as long as you can show that your not a risk. I’m almost 26. This stuff happened when I was 22. Lost all contact with those friends. (Lived in Europe) Havent even been around drugs since. So I was pretty shocked that it couldn’t be mitigated. Hopefully OPM approves me or something.

It is something that can, and I have helped mitigate. Did you appeal? If not when did the denial come? Is it too late? One of the prime mitigation steps is removing those friends from your life. Now if you speak to knowing it was federally not legal but you did it anyway…that honesty can harm you. Though I admit the dispute between fed and state will remain a problem and makes for bad policy overall. However, if it was classified as youthful indiscretion, stupidity since overcome with maturity and a desire to put childish things behind you…and you removed the people from your life you used with or would use with…there is a decent enough chance to get cleared. Each agency having their own say in what the standard is does hurt the overall process. Border Clearance for example has a near impossible polygraph. One that the IC members would fail. Does that serve our national interest? Perhaps. But it may be a standard set too high.