Q vs L in same year time frame

If denied a Q would it be possible to get an L under the one year time frame?

Doubtful as the the same criteria used to deny the Q will still be present with the L.

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I have mitigated the issues but have not been able to reapply yet. Is that have still an issue.

Depends, your idea if mitigation may differ from adjudication. Also depends on if it was a suitability denial.

Normally a clearance denial with a “reapply in one year” means, you can’t reapply until one year later, even if you are going for a lessor clearance.

If your issue was mitigated, then ride out the pause period and reapply.

What is suitabilty denial?

Historically how successful are reapplies? There are mixed reviews online. Mostly by attorneys saying cant without their help.

Supplying justification for a reapplication is just as involved as responding to an SOR. More importantly, it’s very, very difficult to get a company to sponsor you for a clearance after you’ve had a clearance denial or revocation.

So if get denied i m screwed for that point on.

So if denied am I screwed ? How long woulf this be held over my head or is there an amount of years that would be safer to reapply? I feel i mitigated concerns but all recently, I think a trust thing at this point. My word against former employer. Is there a point when forgiven? Any help appreciated.

I’ve help people successfully request permission to reapply after a clearance denial or revocation, but the whole process has always taken more than a year. These people came to me after they got clearance sponsorship. Most of them were valued employees of large defense contractors. Their employers found them other jobs in the company that didn’t require a clearance, and resubmitted them for a clearance in a couple of years.

Who would want to hire you for a cleared position, if they know that it’ll take more than a year to get a clearance decision and the decision could be unfavorable. However, if you have skills that are in high demand, it’s possible that an employer could extend a conditional offer of employment (COE) without actually hiring you right away, if the employer knows that they will constantly have job vacancies for people with your skills well into the future. It doesn’t cost an employer anything (other than a couple of hours of administrative time) to sponsor you for a clearance. After the one year mandatory period before a person can reapply, it’s probably a little easier to get sponsorship from a federal agency than from a cleared federal contractor. The realistic amount of time a person should wait before trying to get clearance sponsorship depends on the issue(s), what has changed since the clearance was denied/revoked, and the likelihood the problem will be an issue in the future. It’s hard to generalize about “reapplication.” A person who was denied clearance because of a mother in Iran, will have little chance of a successful reapplication until his/her mother dies. A person, who was denied clearance solely because of current use of marijuana, could successfully reapply in exactly one year, if federal law regarding marijuana changes before then. Good luck.

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