How long to wait after previous denial before re-applying?


I was given an unsuitable determination by an agency for a public trust a while back and was told at the time that I could re-apply in a year. The risk factors that led to that determination have been mitigated and would no longer be within the time range asked on a public trust. Would I have a shot at a public trust if i re-apply to a different agency if I had an unsuitable determination less than a year ago? What about a secret or TS clearance?

And before anyone says I have nothing to lose, I’m pretty sure I would have to wait another year if denied again, correct?


What were you denied a public trust for?


2 instances of marijuana use, which is now over a year in the past.


Wow, they found you unsuitable for public trust because of two marijuana uses? Was it for a high or moderate risk? What agency?


most likely the use was within the last year.


So at this point in time, the use is now over a year in the past, the last use was in October 2016, denial occurred in April 2017. I don’t know the risk level.


Did you fill out SF86 or SF85?


I believe I filled out the SF-85