Insight on Public Trust Denial

Got denied from a public trust for the following reasons,

use of Adderall from August 2014 to August 2015, Marijuana use from April 2011 to May 2017, and alcohol poisoning in March 2013

All of these incidents were in my college years, and it’s 2019. More than a year and a half out from any of these incidents, and I provided them in the hopes of being transparent.

I currently have an ongoing TS investigation in process. Do you all believe I would be denied for that as well and how long should I wait before I’m a good fit to reapply?

It will depend upon how often you used the drugs. If it was habitual use or at least regular, you will probably have a few hurdles to overcome.

Used marijuana 3-4 times within that 6 year span and adderall twice. Would you mind expanding on some of those hurdles?

Individually whether it be the MJ, Addy or booze, I would suspect it would not be much of a problem. I think your running into trouble because you have all three. A developing pattern in their eyes.

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Your first post and the followup are somewhat out of synch and I believe a solid BI person would pick up on that if you phrased it the same way. First, you state misuse of a prescription stimulant for a year…that is a prolonged period and hard to dismiss as youthful experimentation. Later you clarify that is was only 2 uses. Why you would list an entire year but later indicate you used it only twice…well, that sounds dodgy. Your first post indicates one month shy of 6 years MJ use. were you in College 7 years? Not unheard of. Later you indicate only using 3 or 4 times in that period. Again, it sounds as if you backpedaled and a good BI person will pick up on that. If you are older than 24 this is where it normally requires more than 12 months non use. I would predict they want 24 months or even out to three years non use from the date you sign the SF86. My client is clear the dates goes to the date signed, not the length of time covered in the investigation process. I predict a no go based on what they may consider sustained use. multiple drugs, and a willingness to not follow the rules. I base this on how you phrased the first statement. If in fact you only listed the abbreviated use…that is easily overcome by 12 months no use, but the most recent MJ use is the date in question. If that was 18 months prior you may have a shot.


If you were denied a public trust, I really doubt that you are going to get a TS . . .

Misuse of Adderall at the college level is probably worse than the MJ use at the college level. As noted above, you have a wide range of years and say “college”. Not all of it was likely college. How old are you now? What have you done to mitigate this? Drug and alcohol treatment? Education? Keep in mind, you used for a six year period and now, after 18 months, you tell us you are done? Actually, you didn’t even say that you are done, only that it’s been 18 months.

Why should an adjudicator believe you?

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Kinda feels like i’m trying to prove my case or perhaps I didn’t provide enough detail. All of the documentation I provided to the adjudicator showed the dates I’ve used within that 6 year period and even in that period I wasn’t using from 2012-2015(this was also mentioned in the documentation). The “Use of adderall” statement is just copy and pasted from the rejection letter.

But to provide you a timeline, 24 now, was in school from 2012-2017, and the amount of times I’ve used the substances is aforementioned . “you are done” Sounds real accusatory but I get where you’re coming from. And I haven’t taken any programs, but I started working and just didn’t see the need for it in my life. Wouldn’t have even bothered submitting the paper work for the clearance if it hadn’t been longer than 18 months.

“why would I list any entire year but you only used it twice,” because I used it once in 2013 and once in 2014. No I was not in college 7 years, was just exposed to MJ before college. And i’m also not older than 24.

The initial statement was just a copy and paste from my rejection letter. Backpedaling wasn’t the intention. Just wanted to clear the the number of times I’ve used those substances in between those periods.

There’s nothing “accusatory” about it . . . You are telling us that you are done with drugs when you have been clean for 18 months after admitting use going back to 2011. The investigator, and the adjudicator then, may have the wrong idea about the AMOUNT of use but the time period is what’s going to draw attention.

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I have the same question, was the OP denied a PT or just the interim? If the OP was denied a PT, no way they going to get any clearance.

Was denied PT. Guess i’ll let my hopes go for the TS as well and wait 2-3 years.

Keep in mind… public trust is not security clearance. So, the adjudicative threshold for a public trust position and security clearance position is not the same. Not to mention, it is very much subjective.

On other hand, if your application for security clearance eligibility is with one of an agency with Department of Justice (DOJ)… ouch, I would steer clear from DOJ agencies.

Before you decide to drop out of the process, I recommend you to consult a security clearance attorney and evaluate your options going forward.