Public Trust and illegal drug use more than a year ago

I wanted to get some input on others regarding whether I would be eligible for MPT.

My last illegal drug use (or even illegal use of a drug) was 19 months ago and was a single day little blip that I regretted almost immediately, and other than that I would have 29+ months clean from illegal drugs. Possession and purchase are both more than 29 months ago.

Also working against me is that on a high public trust application a little less than two years I answered incorrectly that I had not used illegal drugs in the past year (it had only been 9 months, and I was going to have a year soon) and that I had not possessed or purchased them (rationalizing that they were really asking whether I had sold them). I had always planned to come forth about it to the investigators, and I did – I told them everything, but that turned out to be much much later than I thought it would be. In retrospect this was very stupid for me to think that, but I honestly thought it would likely somehow turn out fine. And it actually did appear fine for a long time. My interim had been granted based on the public trust I held previously, and I was there for four and a half months.

Excluding the single time 19 months ago, I used for a span of 21 months total – starting with only on the weekend about every 3 weeks, and ending with a few weeks of almost daily – there is also a 100 day period of sobriety in there where I was attending my first intensive outpatient program.

I wanted to get some input on my situation today. I’ve been aware that even a secret clearance is out of the question, but I have over a year clean now, am taking my recovery seriously. What are my chances of being granted moderate public trust?

Try it and see.

You may have better luck than you think. Or you may have none at all.

Your chances may look better at an agency with non-law enforcement mission. Obviously you will have a tougher time at an agency with a law enforcement mission.