How to mitigate drug use in the past 2 years?

A few months ago I was denied a public trust after admitting to using marijuana twice, 7 months before filling out my e qip. I plan to reapply for public trust or a clearance of some sort as soon as realistically possible, which would be next spring, putting the drug use within a 2 year range. I realize they only ask about drug history a year into the past, but they’ll obviously know about my use since I’ll have to include being denied a public trust. Even though it was only 2 uses, will they potentially ask for an interview to probe more into my history? Will they look for any mitigating factors other than time, such as a rehabilitation program? Is there anything else I should do (other than not use) in order to be best prepared to receive a favorable adjudication?

Read the mitigating conditions for Drug Involvement section:

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