I was never been contacted since I submitted SF86

Hello folks, I got CJO from one of the intel agencies and submitted SF86 for TS/SCI in July 2019 and was asked additional questions about 400 days ago. After that, I even never received emails or calls about my BI or Poly test. I contacted HR but they always said that they do not have access to the information. Even though I got two calls from the HR that the agency is that my process is still active about 9 months ago, I don’t know whether it’s processing or not. Is this normal?

Sadly very normal. Always a breakdown in info between HR and FSO/ Security Manager. 24 to 26 months was not unusual in mid 2020. We are hoping as CE rolls out more assets are committed to initial investigations and not CE.

I wouldn’t say it is “normal” but sadly it is not unusual. As @amberbunny2 points out, there is a firewall between HR and security or at least that is their story and believe me they stick to it.

As long as they say you are still processing, you’re still in the game. Whether or not you want to keep playing under those rules is up to you.

What would cause them to stop processing you? Let’s say you are a law abiding citizen, everything seems to be normal but you are waiting a long time with no updates. Is it possible for your file somehow to get lost somewhere and people forget about you or there is some kind of a cross check going on after a certain period of time to make sure this situation doesn’t happen?

There could be any number of reasons. Sometimes they decide that something needs to be checked or rechecked or whatever and then your case gets shifted onto a different path where it goes to the bottom of some other stack.

Then there are mundane things like somehow your file got shifted to a different pile or the person transferred and nobody took over or who knows what.

Here’s an story that doesnt have to do with security but it does show how the bureaucracy can operate: a guy I know was waiting for some travel request to be processed. Nothing was happening and he needed to book tickets. So he managed to figure out whose queue it was stuck in and went to that guy’s office. He explained what was going on, the other guy looked in his queue, there it was… he clicked the button and VOILA! It was done. Who knows how long it had been sitting there.

This is why it would be so helpful to have more visibility into the process!

Right, but I assume there is no such thing as a paper file in some paper folder collecting dust, everything has to be electronically stored somewhere…so my question again is whether there is some mandatory time period…a year or ten years when someone has to check whether someone is working on your file and what is the status?

That is a very long time not to hear anything. It is one thing to do the poly and then hear nothing for a long time but if you have complete silence since the CJO, it is odd. If I was you, I’d consider contacting your senator or representative to nudge the agency. With that said, I’ve heard of this type of delay with the NSA so who knows!

Be a squeaky wheel and get some answers but use lots of honey in your squeak :slight_smile:

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You would think there has to be some kind of control or follow-up but who knows.

There was a guy who was waiting three years for adjudication. Finally somebody realized that two digits of his social security number were switched (transposed?) in his record. How could that have gone on unnoticed for so long?