Forgot to mention something in the interview

Five years ago my job was terminated for performance issues but I was still able to collect unemployment benefits. But after that I have a solid references and job history. On the form sf86 I wrote laid off due to budget cuts because at that time I didn’t know about the reason for termination. later I asked the HR and they sent me the reason as performance issues.
I had my interview for Secret yesterday don’t know why the investigator was in such a big rush he was more interested in my trips overseas which city I stay how long I stay I Visited My home country 4 times in the last 6 years I listed only my Wife’s mother on the form overseas my whole family Is in US he asked me what about your cousins back home etc he asked me to email him their details later he asked me why I still have dual nationality I told him I am ready to renounced my other citizenship if required but he said he can not make that decision it’s my choice . he check my passports both US and expired foreign passport each and every page. After the US citizenship I always travel on US passport and never renew my foreign passport
When I told him that I want to update one of my employers contact details and residential history he said don’t worry about it. In all that rush I forgot to mention about my performance issues laid off situation with my first job should I email this info to him now or it’s too late.

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Email him/her. Now. Always best you reveal, than they find. It is easy to see them focused on the family relations…you forgot due to their focus but when you remembered, you immediately contacted them. Do this by Email so you have a receipt.