Interview done - Termination for Performance issues without Cause

on sf86 section 13a employment activities I wrote laid off due to budget cuts for one of the employers 4 years ago. It was my first job using security clearance. I worked 5 years for that company with good reviews but in the last 6 months I joined a different group due to budget cuts. The new boss gave me 6 months to learn a new technology that I wasn’t familiar with. I tried my best but may be it wasn’t good enough so they let me go which I I thought was due to budget cuts that’s what I was told by that employer at that time. I contacted that company and they sent me letter stating “Termination for Performance issues without Cause”. I got this letter after the interview. On the form SF86 I wrote laid off due to funding issues. what should i do. For a different question The investigator told me in the interview that “the investigation stops the day of your interview so anything that happens afterwards will go on your next SF86.”

Don’t worry about it. Employers often respond differently from what you expect. If your weren’t questioned about it, don’t sweat it.

You are right EdFarmerIII the investigator never questioned about it although I wrote “laid off due to budget cuts” for this company. Also I was able to collect unemployment benefits and the company didn’t protest. Its been a week since i had my interview done so if i sent this new info now she might be more suspicious. Besides in the interview she was only interested in my dual nationality and foreign trips in fact when i try to update one of my contacts and addresses she said don’t worry about it. I used to have Secret in the past which expired recently and she was carrying both my old and new SF86.

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