Reported Un-reportable Incident


Just went through my BI in person interview for Secret. I had reported on my SF86 a termination from employment 3+ years ago, that the Investigator said was reported by HR as “left, reason unspecified, ineligible for rehire.” Not a termination, so I didn’t even need to report it.

I explained what happened and how I thought by not returning back to work (due to on-boarding with a new company) I figured they had terminated me.

  1. Does this get marked against me when it goes to adjudication?
  2. Or does passage of time make it a non issue?
  3. How long for work terminations does passage of time make them non issues?
  4. Can I be in trouble for marking it as termination when it wasn’t?

Did you just not return to work without telling them? I’d think that’s a minor concern (“job abandonment”) but not huge. Usually the issue is when people do not disclose that they were fired from a job and don’t disclose it. Sounds like this is the reverse?

Correct. I didn’t return to work and moved onto a different company.

Yes. I disclosed that I was terminated, but I actually wasn’t terminated.

So, just wanted to see if this goes against me for not reporting it correctly on the SF86 and how long terminations or job incidents are no longer an issue due to passage of time.

I wouldnt think so… you reported it as you understood the situation. Besides, I don’t recall reading about too many folks reporting that they got a Statement of Reasons (SOR, a denial) because they said they were terminated when they really weren’t :slight_smile:

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No you will not get in trouble. You did the right thing by reporting it because you didn’t really know. You explained it to the investigator and that is exactly why we do these investigations. We want to give you the opportunity to make any type of changes before it’s adjudicated. Good luck. Just make sure to read the exact question and put exactly what it’s asking you. People report a lot of things that it isn’t asking all the time

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One of those times I reference the “over report vice under report.” Present it honestly in a way you are somewhat over stating for purposes of clarity. Contract change, new company, one can go from King to pawn quite fast just to save money.

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