Question about mentioning past investigations

Hi all. I am currently being investigated for a TS/SCI and recently did my poly. I passed the CI but have needed to come back a few times for questions on my background portion.

Simultaneously, over the past few months, I have applied to several dozen other government jobs. I received an offer for a position requiring a clearance and decided to accept because I was at that point unsure of the timeline for my above-stated clearance. I filled out my SF-86 in full and submitted, but was informed by HR later that they ended up choosing a “better qualified” candidate and that I would not be moving forward with the position.

When I came in for my poly, we sped through any updates to my forms, with a focus on foreign contacts and my drug history (the main issue in my background portion). I had completely forgotten about this other job, as it was one among many other rejections during that period. As a result, I did not mention this when listing updates to my security forms.

I intend to flag this to the examiner next time I go in, but was wondering if this will present a major issue for my clearance? I am beside myself that I forgot to mention this, but I was preoccupied with the drug-related questions, as mentioned above.

Thanks for any and all insight.

Edit: I’ll clarify that this was not a forgetful omission on my SF-86 forms, rather, I forgot to bring it up during the pre-test phase of the poly as we were confirming all my information was still current. They didn’t ask about Section 25 of my forms (previous investigations) and so I did not think to flag it. I will note that I’m unsure whether a background investigation was even opened up, as I was never contacted by an investigator or security person regarding the new position before being dropped.

All you can do is tell them. I would try to make “the next time you go in” be tomorrow if possible. The sooner the better.

How much they care somewhat depends on other circumstances. For example, if you had something to gain from hiding the previous application, then they probably will be more suspicious. If you had nothing to gain, then they probably will be less suspicious.

OK, so what would be a reason to hide it? Well, if you previously were denied a clearance, that would be one reason. But it doesn’t seem to apply to you.

Also, in your case, it sounds possible that the other agency never even started your investigation, so you might even be OK on that point.

Either way, just get in there and correct the record. Much better if you tell them before they ask.

I would contact by email…proof…the submitting FSO. This way you can show you simply forgot to include info you felt was required. If they do nothing…or respond “not to worry” you have proof you tried to report. I would bring a copy to interview as well.

Definitely reach out to recruiter, see if you can get FSO contact info. I was seeing 18 to 24 months to clear TS with poly last year. As CE rolls out I expect that timeline to get reasonable.

So you put the job on the sf86 but did not say anything to the polygrapher? But I’m confused. Did you actually work the job or did they just tell you that they found someone else? If you didn’t work the job, then there’s no reason to mention the job. If your clearance wasn’t done, then there’s no reason to say anything. The question asks if you’ve ever been investigated before or been granted a clearance.

Ok now I understand. The background was not completed. You just filled out the SF86. You listed the clearance on the SF86. Your polygrapher should of had your SF86 (they should be able to pull that). You didn’t intentionally keep it from him. Technically it wasn’t investigated you just filled out the form. You can tell the examiner about it when you go back in, but it isn’t going to be a big deal. But I love that you are being honest! But don’t worry about that. Just explain that you remembered recently and wanted to tell him about it. You should be fine.

“I never worked the job, I just accepted a conditional offer and filled out/submitted an SF-86. The HR person hit me up a couple weeks later and said that they had decided to go with a “better qualified candidate.” The process ended there. No contact from an investigator or security personnel.”

Oh then that doesn’t count. You weren’t investigated. You just filled out an SF-86. You’re definitely ok!

Honest mistakes and forgetting a previous investigation, submission or short period job…not a real issue. Deliberate forgetting…non reporting…bigger issue.

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