Documentation Delays

Hey all.

I had a company reach out to me around MAR of 2017 for a contract within the IC and they wanted to sponsor me for a TS/SCI FS Poly and of course a COE. After all is said and done, SEP 2017 rolls around and an investigator interviews me then do the poly in OCT 2017. Now during this poly I disclosed my involvement with women when I was on vacation for 10 days and the examiner wanted me to fill out more Foreign National forms. So I do this and reach out to the POC with the contracting company but no response and I believe the process fell through due to silence. I decide to contact them in JUN 2018 and all they say is processing which got me curious again so I decide to reach out to someone else in Security OCT 2018 and finally they said to send them the paperwork. Does this count as me with holding information and will my honesty/integrity be in question seeing as how the paper work was submitted so late?

UH YEAH! I mean why didn’t you disclose in the first place?

You weren’t truthful. Frankly, you may have a low chance of getting cleared.

I disclosed it voluntarily during the poly but no one from the initial company came back to me when I contacted them. I’ve got no reason to hide this information. None of them contacted me again until I reached out again months later.

In what sense was I not being truthful?

I am not sure that I understand you question. Did you disclose your activity in a foreign country when you filled out the SF86? what country was it, and did your activity break any laws foreign or domestic?

You did not disclose on the SF86 according to you. That makes it a HUGE ISSUE. Integrity and Honesty.

You can’t answer one way on SF86 and then poly comes around either CI or Full Lifestyle and then you disclose some potentially negative information that wasn’t disclosed before. That makes it appear you are hiding something

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People make mistakes on the sf86 all the time, as long as the OP has explained to the BI why the omission, it can be mitigated. I always recommend to people, get some help from a qualified professional when filling out these forms.

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Okay, I’ll have to deal with the consequences and SOR/LOI that come around if it comes down to that.

Thanks, it’s not that I did not want to disclose the information. The last thing I want to ever do is hide information from the US Gov’t and mark me someone who can be blackmailed. The information is already known by friends and family.

Big difference between a mistake and having something come out in a Poly. This speaks to honesty issue. Failure to disclose and it is discovered in the poly. Yeah that is a MAJOR problem.

I belive that it will turn out ok for you, please do report back to us.

I think that a number people here are misunderstanding the situation. You are asking about the delay in getting the paperwork that was requested not about what came out in the poly. You don’t even say if the “involvement” occurred before or after your SF86 and people here have decided that you “withheld” it on purpose.

Things come out in polys all of the time. Things people forgot about. Things that people didn’t think applied to the question on the SF86. Part of evaluating a polygraph session is trying to determine if the item was something that you were trying to hide or something that you didn’t think applied at the time or something that you had forgotten and only remembered under questioning. None of those will automatically cause a denial.

The delay in getting the paperwork in is difficult to judge. I’m surprised that an investigator would have let it go that long. You have caused a considerable delay in the completion of your investigation but that mainly affects you and your employer.

It’s really going to come down to the information about your “involvement” and how that looks to your investigation. Unless they DO decide that you withheld the information.

Trust me I had stuff come out on my poly(s). Things that make perfect sense with great clarity strapped to the machine…weren’t so clear on the form. If it was merely not remembering foreign contacts for a short period of time it is minor. If this was sexual relations with foreign prostitutes or charming ladies/lads…that is different. Also is there continuing contact with these people or were they merely trysts or friendly contact while there and then no more? I just returned from a cruise and had massive foreign contact for 7 days. And then it is over and I have no foreign contact. Other than reporting my trip (also done in advance) there is nothing to report.

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To clarify, events happened after SF86. No one in this entire time has asked me for the paperwork even after me reaching out multiple times until I actually just got someone.

Thanks for the clarification . . . As Amber said above, you should be fine if the contacts were simple.

Hey all, update. So the IC clearance finished and passed as of JUN 2017. They had me sign a letter stating not to be involved in any other criminal conduct from when I disclosed it during the poly.

Criminal conduct? So it was ladies of the night? Sounds like IC gave you a break.

I just disclosed everything and let them know everyone family, friends, and co-workers knew. Still scared me shitless though. I’m very blessed/thankful