For which of SF-85, SF-85P, or SF-86 do they compare employment data to Social Security Administration records?

For which of SF-85, SF-85P, or SF-86 will they compare the employment answers given on the form with an independent check of Social Security Administration (SSA) employment records on the applicant via SSN lookup?

This is a curious question. Why does it matter?


If you are talking about your personal social security statements with your life history of earnings and employments …Most likely not.

As a freelancer, I get paid part-time by a bunch of different companies. That will show up in my SSA records for compensation payments made to me. I have not listed all the short term jobs (maybe 16-18 in just the last 5 years) in my SF-85. In the SF-85, I’m only listing my 2 long-term full-time employers. How big of an issue is this and what is the likelihood I am bringing on myself the fires of h@ll? If as part of the NACI background check, someone (or some system) is going to compare the SF-85 companies against the much larger list of payers on my Social Security records, then I would say the probability I’ve screwed myself is high.

This question may relate to the “gig economy” where people have lots of short-term paid jobs. Are those all considered “employment?” I think the main concern is if you were disciplined or fired or had some kind of serious incidents at work… but with the “gig economy” an “employer” may not even remember somebody who worked for them for a day or two.

As far as checking social security records, I doubt it…

This is generally considered self employment (10-99 contract employees/consultants) and should be listed as such. It is a very common thing nowadays and can make an investigation more difficult and lengthier.

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I agree that it needs to be listed as self-employment.

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The freelance would be listed as one self-employment. Intentionally not listing the employment(S) could be seen as trying to hide these employments.(Personal Conduct issue).

A side note, as a freelancer. are you not paying your own social security taxes?