SF86 - Self Employment

On the SF86 Section 13 - Employment Activities, what should you list for employment name, address, and telephone number if your employment type is self-employment (paid by single company as an individual independent contractor/consultant)? I do not have a business and simply listed by own name, home address, and personal phone on contracts/invoices.

(investigators… cover your ears)

The short-term answer is, whatever gets you to the point where the eQIP will verify and you can submit the form.

HOWEVER… this will probably come up again during the subject interview. The investigator will probably want to have the name and contact info of at least one person who can verify that you were indeed self-employed during that period. So make sure you have that info, because if you can give it to the investigator during the interview it will save time.

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Don’t list yourself as a self-employment verifier.


If you are self-employed, then you have a business. You may not have incorporated or set up an LLC, but you do have a sole proprietor business. List yourself as the employer with your home address (if you work out of your house). List someone else as the verifier— try to list someone who you work with such as a rep from whomever you are contracted with, even if you only coordinate with them over the phone. If there is no one like that, list a frequent customer. As a last resort, list your spouse or someone else who is aware that you are self-employed.