Employment entries

I worked on two jobs like
10/2014 to 10/2016 Company “A” Full time(
10/2015 to 06/2017 Self-employment
What should I put in the eQIP for employment activities

Just like you just did.

List it in order exactly how you listed it here for us. The investigator will likely ask how you were able to do both jobs concurrently and you’ll explain how it worked and that will be that. But do make sure to list the correct dates, even if they overlap.

Thank you. Related to this question
If I worked two different jobs but both are self employed. Do I need put two entries with two verifiers?
10/2017 to present—- self employment (Project A. Company A)
10/2018 to present — self employment Project B Company B). I appreciate your help and time.

Yes . . . Maybe . . . It depends on how these periods of self-employment were set up. If you set yourself up as business, performing contract work, it would only be one entry but I would still try to get more than one client to verify that you were working as a contractor. If these were just serial contracts that you worked on, you might want to list them separately.